Yoo Ah In’s ‘Tin Can’ Film Opens October 02, First Official Trailer & Poster Out!

Yesss it’s finally here! Yoo Ah In’s comeback movie ‘Tin Can’ (Kangchul or Tin Head) will open in theaters on October 2nd, 2013! [tentative date]. It’s a day before Korea National Foundation Day, which is a national holiday for Koreans. Perhaps the film distributor wants to take opportunity from the family get-together.

On Friday August 16, Tin Can released the first official teaser trailer video and the posters. Let’s check em out!


Tin Can (Kangchul) Movie 1st Trailer

Cute satoori accent and some subtle moments (with a bit drama meta slips in!). If this teaser doesn’t touch your feeling, you need a doctor, folks! :p


Tin Can (Kangchul) Movie Posters~The last one was taken in Gunsan last month by famous photographer Zosun Hi


Besides the trailer and posters, Kangchulie also launched Official Facebook page and Twitter account. Go go go follow both!

Check out Kangchul/Tin Can Facebook Event “Yoo Ah In, Find Her!” 14-18 August 2013. The winners will get advance tickets to watch Tin Can movie in CGV!

Cine21 magazine July issue review on Tin Can~

Now let’s see some screencaps from the trailer~ (and notice the drama meta! Heeee)Kangchul: “May I have your name?”

Mom: “I am Kim Tae Hee” 😀

Kangchul: “…..”

What a solid couple! I’m sure Yoo Ah In and Kim Hae Suk will rock our socks 🙂

Check more photos and screencaps in our Facebook page in the album ‘Kangchulie (Tin Can) Movie 2013’

Happy weekend!


Screencaps by:  YAI DC, FK DC


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  1. Amine says:

    OFFICIAL TRAILER(international):

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  1. […] to Naver movie database, and it’s already released the first batch of movie posters HERE. The second batch which consists of a couple of wonderful posters was just published yesterday. […]

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