Yoo Ah In’s ‘Tough As Iron’ Heating Up, VIP Press Premiere On September

It’s getting closer and closer. Yoo Ah In’s upcoming movie ‘Tough As Iron’ (Kangchulie) is gearing up with new stills and news bits everyday!

According to Sikseekland’s Korean contributor, the VIP Press Premiere (for journalists only) will be held on 23rd September. Our dear AncientKingdom unnie said there will be several movie previews for reporters and public~ date/time to be announced. The date for the film opens nationwide hasn’t settled yet~ though Naver Movie Database said it’s on 2nd October, they could push the date forward or back depending on the situation. Let’s wait and see ^ ^

New image stills came out Monday morning, showing the dark side of ‘Kkang’ (means ‘mob’).  Yoo Ah In looks so fierce!


(source: Kangchul Official Facebook)


The final mixing just finished this Monday afternoon (8/26). I assume it’s an audio mixing that movies normally do inside the theater in the post production.

(photo cr: whitepd75)


Kangchulie got featured at the same day, 24th August, on SBS and KBS channel. We get to see the interview with Yoo Ah In and Kim Hae Suk, the behind-the-scenes, and more shooting scenes (contains spoilers) from both programs. Check these videos out~

SBS Movie World Inside Movie 24th August (He is singing!! ♥ )


KBS I Love Movie 24th August


Kim Hae Suk is so adorbs! They just fit right in the mother-son funny banters and quirky relationship.


Screencaps from the both clips

Tractor! A new toy for boy


We’re still looking forward to the release of official full teaser trailer. But from the looks of the international version this movie is totally something, and I am sold.

Check more photos and screencaptures in our Facebook page in ‘Tough As Iron (Kangchulie 깡철이 ) Movie 2013’ Album.

Can’t wait for more beautiful and heartbreaking/heart-tugging image stills, and of course SIKSEEKLAND MOVIE PROJECT to support Yoo Ah In!

One Response to “Yoo Ah In’s ‘Tough As Iron’ Heating Up, VIP Press Premiere On September”
  1. mpc226 says:

    Can’t wait to see this…hope our King won’t forget his promise to invite his noona KTH to watch his film…if ever, for the red carpet!

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