[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] JACK&JILL 2013 F/W Collections: Yoo Ah In’s Trace

JACK&JILL released the 2013 Fall/Winter collections with their exclusive model Yoo Ah In on 27th August. For this season the urban street casual brand picks the visual concept ‘Trace of U AIN’ which emphasizes the advertising story of Yoo Ah In.

‘Trace of U AIN’ presents a proud modern, casual, classic and wide painting-like style. Yoo Ah In adds more sensitivity and a living portrait to the brand. JACK&JILL press release said that Yoo Ah In’s understated classic face, unique poses and expressions give a rebellious charm to their collections. This time for the Fall/Winter pictorials famous photographer Zosun Hi is back to capture the amazing model inside her frames.


First of all, here are fun photos of Yoo Ah In behind JACK&JILL 2013 F/W photoshoot~

“Yo, I’m watching you!”

monitoring his own photos

picking his own songs from iphone for the photoshoot music background

“Tired~ need to sit for a sec”

busy playing with cellphone

(photos by: JACK&JILL Facebook and Yoo Ah In’s manager)


Video of Yoo Ah In – JACK&JILL 2013 F/W Official Movie [HD]

Sophisticated yet simple, elegant and classic!


[UPDATE 08/28] JACK&JILL Private Video – Yoo Ah In Interview Part I


[UPDATE 08/29] JACK&JILL Private Video – Yoo Ah In Interview Part II


Some screencaps from JACK&JILL 2013 F/W Movie~


And the final product aka JACK&JILL 2013 F/W Collections “U AIN Trace”~

like like like!

Besides the photoshoot, Yoo Ah In had an interview too on the location for MBC Section TV aired on 25th August. That will be another story in our blog πŸ™‚

Till then, why not checking out more photos and screencaps in our Facebook page in the album ‘JACK & JILL 2013 Project’? ^ ^


Photos credit: JACK&JILL

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