Yoo Ah In Tough and Hot in ‘Tough As Iron’ BTS Stills & Poster Shoot

Motorbike: checked! Short sleeves and jacket: checked! Muscled arm: checked! Masculine fierce look: checked!! Sweet tender smile while looking at the national mom: swooon!!

‘Tough As Iron’ just released more photos behind the scene (BTS) and the poster shoot on 29th and 30th August. As we’ve posted before, the poster shoot took place in Gunsan, 19th July. Yoo Ah In “Kangchulie” the tough Busan guy is posing on a motorbike and he’s just looking mighty ‘James Dean’ foine!

sizzling hawt!

*melts into a puddle of goo*

wind blows the scarf adding the pretties!

well, sort of…

I heart YOO!

supreme OTP!

A source who had been at the shoot said, “Despite the hot weather, Yoo Ah In never lost his smile, and led the mood on set with his charms and bright character.” Photographer Zo Sun Hee also had praise for the actor, as she tweeted a photo with the caption, “He′s so handsome~ It′s hot out, but you′ve worked hard.”

The photos caught quite a big attention and ‘Yoo Ah In motorbike’ made #8 Daum Top Trend on the day these poster shoot photos revealed!

Screencapped by DC


‘Tough As Iron’ also released some beautiful BTS image stills of all the casts especially Yoo Ah In and Kim Hae Suk. Check them out~

Check more BTS stills and photos in our Facebook page in “Tough As Iron (깡철이) Movie 2013” Album!


Yoo Ah In’s manager posted Kangchulie bus advert on his twitter 29th August and he was very excited for spotting the gliding campaign on the street! 😀

we are excited too!

Kangchulie/Tough As Iron production report meeting will be held on September 2nd at CGV Apgujeong. The lead casts Yoo Ah In, Kim Hae Suk, Jung Yumi, Lee Si Yeon, Kim Seung Oh and Kim Jung Tae are expected to attend the meeting. There will be Q&A sessions for the actors besides revealing more image stills of this movie. Can’t wait!

All the best for Kangchul! ^ ^


Photos: Kangchul 2013 Facebook & Twitter

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  1. mpc226 says:

    can’t wait for this…been missing him already!!!

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