130825 MBC Section TV Yoo Ah In: “I’m A Charming Liar”, Hilarity Ensues

Yoo Ah In showed his “aegyo” side of him! Not once or twice, but three times on MBC Section TV and JACK&JILL F/W photoshoot interview, 25th July 2013. It’s aegyo overload!! 😀

Yoo Ah In made his second appearance on Section TV 2013 after the last one in February. He’s been a regular guest star of Section TV and has been in this show four times since 2011. Hosted by MC Park Seul Gi who has interviewed him many times before, Yoo Ah In sure looked very comfy, relax and had a good mood.

Just by looking at the teaser photos, we knew it was gonna be awesome ^ ^

best couple pictorials ever :p


The two were comfortable with the excessive skinship as they have been close friends since their interview together back in 2011 (Note: It was Yoo Ah In’s first Section TV and Hana SK Bank photoshoot). At the time, Yoo Ah In revealed that he doesn’t have many close celebrity friends to which Park Seul Gi gave him her phone number and told him, “No, I’m your friend.” She later tweeted to him, “Now, we’re best friends.” – AKP


Check out the video~ Click: 130825 MBC Section TV Interview – Yoo Ah In

Here are some interesting points on the interview translated by Admin007/Sikseekland ~

In this interview Park Seul Gi told Yoo Ah In that people perceived him a bad guy but he denied and said,“I’m not a bad guy. It’s a preconception. I’m a good guy.”

However he ended up telling Park Seul Gi to “get lost!” with cold eyes and proved he was really a bad guy. LOL! Of course it was just a joke because he broke into laughter right away. “I know these words and gaze make women flinch,” laughed Yoo Ah In. So notty!

When Park Seul Gi said that people called him “a charming liar”, Yoo Ah In replied, “Okay, sometimes I am,” and laughed again. Teasing Sik :p

Yoo Ah In’s “gwiyomi” (cute) explosion play made the whole show even brighter. Park Seul Gi wasn’t convinced that he could play cute but he proved her wrong by showing his triple aegyo to her utter shock. So amusing! Check his super comically cute aegyo faces~

kiddo pouts much!

1+1 gwiyomi~

2+2 gwiyomi~!

and finally sunflower gwiyomi~ 😀

Super duper cute~♥♥ Master Sik just unleashed his inner cuteness!

Yoo Ah In also sent love calls to senior actress Gong Hyo Jin as someone he’d like to romance in a melodrama. Oooh…noona killer! He said, “When I played melo [Jang Ok Jung] I had a great feeling, and I became greedy to take more melodramas. It seems to fit well with my body,” and “I can learn a lot about acting from Gong Hyo Jin sunbae nim.”


After the show “Yoo Ah In” spotted #2 Naver Top Trend real time search! Daebak!

(screencapped by DC)

Here are some pretty screencaps from this show~

sensual couple pictorials! lol

The final result of JACK&JILL 2013 F/W photoshoot is HERE.

Check more photos & screencaps in our Facebook in “MBC Section TV 2013.08.25” Album and happy Sunday!


Screencaps provided by: DC [1],[2] and Baidu


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