Yoo Ah In Instagram Update & Translations 2013.08.26~2013.08.29 From Bungee to Fluffy!

Yoo Ah In was online on the last week of August and he posted fun photos of his activities again. Let’s dissect each of them ^_^


As we knew already, Yoo Ah In had a trip for Lafuma photoshoot in New  Zealand in the middle of the month. And of course, it’s not Sik if he doesn’t have crazy adventure while doing his duty. This time, Yoo Ah In did  the bungee jumping 10 meters above Queenstown, New Zealand on 14 August! Woo~hoo!

Queenstown is a little town where AJ Hackett Bungy pioneered this crazy adrenalin activity called Bungy Jumping. It sure fits our Master SICK very well.

On 26 August Yoo Ah In instagrammed the proof-picture of himself doing the bungee jumping and he said, “I did it!”

yay YOO did it! so proud!


This is the place where Sik doing the bungee~ they rode gondola up the hill to get there! Wow…looks cool!

now we know he doesn’t have acrophobia. teehee!


The last week of August Yoo Ah In came back to his hometown Daegu to spend the weekend. And apparently he did some family cores, such as going shopping with his sister in a department store and having an “Uncle Time” babysitting the little one on the 29th.

He then posted a picture of him and his cute nephew on instagram in the evening. Don’t they look alike?


“Isn’t it Uncle’s fluffy time? I took care of you”

Aww…Uncle Sik, please take care of SIKseekers too! 😀 Anyways,  we spot the little fashionista up there~ like uncle like nephew! Omit the belly beer please :p


His next “insta-tweet” is a bit tricky. Yoo Ah In posted a screencapture of his private instagram (UhmHongSik) contained his writing piece dated 29 February 2012 to his “public” instagram on 27 August 2013.  It seems that he was in a contemplation mode during his short holidays, thinking back about past events and bringing back his articulate writing. Here’s his “tweet” and translations~

Since Yoo Ah  In was in Daegu, I figure there was something or occasion that triggered his past memories or maybe an event that wasn’t unpleasant during his stay…so that perhaps he re-posted his old thought he could relate once again. Hmm… All we know that February 2012 was the time when he was shooting Fashion King.


But fear not. The mood is back to normal quite real fast! On  29th August he posted yet another silly face on instagram~

A bad boy drinking milk! Very…very…bad!

The location stamp indicated that Yoo Ah In was in “Chrysanthemum Flowers on The Fence” Shop and he just  said “Heung!”. So much for the crazy antics like YOO!

Okay Master Sik, it’s quite hard to keep up with your mood-swing, but at the same time we always have fun too thanks to YOO ^_^ So please stay antics and funtastic!


Translations by © Admin007/Sikseekland & Admin MM/Sikseekland

Pictures: Yoo Ah In instagram & Manager twitter

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