Yoo Ah In To Run for Running Man, Miracle Does Happen!

Sooo… apparently 2013 has been a breakthrough year for Yoo Ah In in terms of “public interaction”.

Following his new open instagram and facebook accounts to get closer with his fans, Yoo Ah In makes a very surprising appearance in a famous reality show Running Man! Whoa…such a huge step for a so-called “solitary introvert”! Hallelujah~ miracle does happen for uri Sik! 😀


“Running Man” will be Yoo Ah In’s first variety show appearance in four years after appearing in SBS’s talk show “Yashimmanman” [Romanized Korean] and MBC’s “Come to Play”, both of which have been cancelled now, to promote his 2008 movie “Antique”. Back in 2005 Yoo Ah In also participated in “Star Golden Bell”. Check how brilliant he was in this show~


In Running Man episode 164 Yoo Ah In will appear with Kim Hae Suk, her mom in “Kangchulie” (Tough As Iron) as a part of the movie promotions. That’s a great marketing tactic, I must say. Running Man is like a mega popular variety show in Korea and it’s like everybody in the whole world knows about it.


A rep from the show revealed on August 3rd that Yoo Ah In is in the middle of filming and that both are showing that they’re eager to win the race.  “Yoo Ah In and Kim Hye Sook are currently in Daegu to film SBS’ Running Man,” a broadcast affiliate spoke to e-newsworld.


On the matter, Running Man PD, Jo Hyo Jin said, “Both actors are indeed filming right now. They’re working so passionately that it’s hard to believe that this is their first time on variety. We’re filming with a lot of fun and I believe that a complete new image will be shown.”


Yoo Ah In will be in Team Green with Ha Ha, Kwang Soo and Monday Couple Gary-Song Ji Hyo. I declare Team Green as my favorite team ever!


Fans have reported on SNS that the two actors were spotted wearing green uniforms in the city of Daegu, Yoo Ah In’s hometown. Check out some of the photos of him shooting the show on the 3rd of August (the day after ‘Tough As Iron’ Media Conference)~

looks like a long tough challenge day!

More pictures available in our Facebook page in ‘Running Man Episode 164’ Album ^ ^

You can check Yoo Ah In shooting Running Man from fancam HERE


Fans have gone wild for the past two days upon hearing the news, and we can’t help picturing him keep running and doing some schemes with his team. Supposed to be wicked! And of course, can’t wait to see his interaction with the teammates too. One thing that we regret: why didn’t YOO do this when your bro Song Joong Ki was still in the show? *wails*


Running Man Episode 164 will broadcast on Saturday, 22nd September as a part of SBS Chuseok Day’s celebration.


Photos credit: cyworld


3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In To Run for Running Man, Miracle Does Happen!”
  1. Moodangkaolad says:

    YES!! It’s great to know he’s on Running Man !! ~~ wanna see SIK in show , counting down and looking forward to 22 sept soon ^_____^

  2. ainnee says:

    cant wait til this eps on
    screen,hope he get a lot screen
    time and kwangsoo didnt betray

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  1. […] or just because he likes playing with water and bubbles :p Either way, he seemed ready for ‘Running Man’ shooting in Daegu the next day. And we’re so excited now waiting for the episode on air this Sunday! […]

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