[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In and Go Joon Hee The New Models for Lafuma 2013 F/W

Two celebrity fashionistas, Yoo Ah In and Koh Joon Hee (Go Joon Hee), became new muse for French outdoor fashion brand LAFUMA.  That means Yoo Ah In has secured 4 major fashion brands this year (including JACK&JILL, THE CLASS and I’M DAVID). Superb!

Lafuma recently introduced its two new models as releasing 2013 F/W season pictorial. Followed by its previous model TVXQ, Yoo Ah in and Go Joon Hee will deliver the brand’s style and theme of this season with their dynamic, charming look.

Known for their trendy fashion style, Yoo Ah In and Go Joon Hee are expected to introduce new trend of outdoor fashion. In the revealed pictorial, they are harmonized with nature and suggest various outdoor styles that help find the joy in nature.

Lafuma officer said, “We chose them based on a survey among young people who consider outdoor activities as one of the cultural trends. We are expecting them to vitalize our brand image with their dynamic, fresh image.”

Lafuma official release also stated, “The outdoor sport concept such as climbing, tracking and camping, has turned to an urban lifestyle. These two actors become Lafuma exclusive models because their stylish image have been widely known to consumers.”


The outdoor shooting was done in New Zealand last month, and as we knew already, Yoo Ah In updated his activities during his stay in NZ~ from snowmobile adventure to bungee jumping !

The pictorials were released since last week, and all we need now is the CF. We are waiting, Lafuma 😀

Now let’s check Lafuma 2013 F/W Pictorials with Yoo Ah In & Go Joon Hee, showing you that hiking can be classy~

feels like hiking with YOO!

Hmm…I can smell the fresh air. Check more photos of Yoo Ah In for Lafuma in our Facebook page in ‘Lafuma Project’ Album ^_^

Photos: Lafuma official website, blog and facebook

2 Responses to “[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In and Go Joon Hee The New Models for Lafuma 2013 F/W”
  1. kelly says:

    Yes! Finally something about lafuma

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