[TRANS] Yoo Ah In Interviews on Tough As Iron Production Conference

AINyeong SIKseekers~^ ^ While Yoo Ah In is having a short holidays in Bangkok right now, we are working on the translations of his tweets and interviews. For Sik, everyday is a holiday while for SIKseekers everyday is a SIKday. Ha! 😀

We have posted photos and videos of Yoo Ah In at the ‘Tough As Iron’ production report conference, 2nd September in our blog before. Go check them! And now it’s the time for some news articles and translations from this event, as promised.


Lucky us, Arirang Showbiz Korea gives a little help of a brief interviews in English. Check this video first~

Arirang Showbiz Korea – Yoo Ah In ‘Tough As Iron’ Press Conference


And now here’s the full interview translations (only Yoo Ah In’s related parts) from ‘Tough As Iron’ Production Report Conference~



First is interview translations published in 10Asia:

When Yoo Ah In answered the question about the appeal of ‘Kangchulie/Tough As Iron’, he disclosed a misunderstanding he had over his new movie’s title.

“I feel sorry to the director to say this but when I handed in the script of ‘Tough as Iron,’ I left it closed only after looking at its title. Since my previous film ‘Punch’ received a lot of support, I was worried about playing a similar character in my next film,” Yoo Ah In started by saying.

The Korean title of “Punch,” the hit film Yoo Ah In starred in two years ago, is “Wandeugi,” which was also the name of his character and was far from sophisticated. The same goes for “Kkangcheoli,” the original title of “Tough as Iron.”

“But after I read the book, I was moved by it so much that I realized that I had a stupid and close-minded concern for an actor. I was sure that I could devote myself to such a good story,” said Yoo Ah In, adding that he regards the story of “Tough as Iron” like a more mature sequel to “Punch.”



Responding to the lead actor’s positive remarks, Ahn Kwon Tae, the director of “Tough as Iron,” revealed his joy of having Yoo as the hero of the movie.

“I think I’m such a lucky director. I thought ‘Tough as Iron’ is about the youth of twenties and since Yoo Ah In is the actor who represents people in their twenties, I proposed the role to him and waited. When I got a ‘yes,’ I was enormously happy.”

The beloved actor Yoo Ah In’s screen partner Kim Hae Sook, the middle-aged swindler in 2012 box office smash “The Thieves,” also showed her affection for him.

“As soon as I heard that Yoo Ah In would play the role opposite me, I shouted out, “Lucky!” I’m not saying this to promote [our movie] (laughs) but Yoo Ah In was an actor I had kept my eyes on after I saw him in a fashion magazine. I was hoping to get to work with him one day so I even thought, ‘There will be times in life that you get unexpectedly lucky.’”



And these are more full translations from Admin007/Sikseekland

After saying that she was lucky, Kim Hae Suk added another comment to Won Bin [her son in ‘My Brother’ movie], “Won Bin-ah I’m sorry, my love now is only for Yoo Ah In.”

When she was asked to choose whose one is more attractive; Mr. Im Dal Hwa [her lover in ‘The Thieves’] or Yoo Ah In, Kim Hae Sook wittily replied, “Who is Mr. Im Dal Hwa? I have only three letters in my head! Yoo, Ah, In!”

Regarding the appealing of ‘Tough As Iron’ Kim Hae Sook said, “’This is a movie about a newborn man that will fluster the hearts of women.”

Kim Hae Suk and Yoo Ah In made a plea that if their movie exceeds 3 million admissions they both will ride the motorbike together in the heart of the city in the same outfits they wear in this movie. Yoo Ah In specifically said he would go for as far as 12.5 miles ride.


The question about Yoo Ah In’s relationship with Jung Yumi arose because ‘Tough As Iron’ is the movie where they reunited after 6 years.

Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi met for the first time in a 2007 movie ‘Shims Family (Skeleton in the Closet)’ in which Yoo Ah In, 4 years younger than Jung Yumi, played a high school boy who got a crush on her. Since then both of them became off screen best friend.

“We’ve met through our past work together quite a long time ago. In the past he had a boyish youthful look, but now he’s become a man. He’s got Kangchul’s characteristic qualities; someone whom we can depend on, who makes you want to lean on,” explained Jung Yumi.

Yoo Ah In confessed that Jung Yumi was his ideal woman back then. “Jung Yumi was the girl of my dream when I was in early 20s. She’s a natural actress and above it all she’s a very natural person. It’s not easy to meet such a person in this [showbiz] industry, so I have a lot of love and affection as a fan towards her,” he sincerely confessed.

“But Jung Yumi is not my ideal type anymore. It was when she was at 20s I chose her as my ideal type,” he laughed.



Regarding Kim Tae Hee name mentioned in the movie, director Ahn Gwon Tae said that they decided to use Kim Tae Hee nick solely because she’s considered as the prettiest actress in Korea. They didn’t expect that later on Yoo Ah In would play opposite Kim Tae Hee in a TV drama (‘Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love’).

“That pun was not intended. I was a little surprise with this coincidence,” said Ahn Kwon Tae. [Note: ‘Tough As Iron’ started to crank in from early November 2012, long before the shooting of ‘Jang Ok Jung’ began]



In the middle of winter cold weather, the action scene shooting was conducted inside the ice warehouse. To prevent the melting they maintained the room temperature between 15-30 Celsius degrees below zero.

Yoo Ah In recalled, “It took 3 severe days to shoot the action scenes inside the ice factory. Sometimes I desperately feel like going home. Now that I’m looking back again, it was actually the most memorable experience for me.”

‘Tough As Iron’ takes Busan City as the background of the story, and all the casts speak in Busan dialect called Satoori. In this production conference they gave assessment to each other’s Satoori accent.

“I had a hard time with this accent. My hometown is Daegu, which accent slightly different from that of Busan, and it’s more difficult to learn a new dialect at this point,” Yoo Ah In said. “However, I filled the slightly different parts of it with a lot of help from director and other actors,” he added.



Kim Jung Tae praised Yoo Ah In’s Busan dialect as perfect. “Yoo Ah In’s Busan accent is perfect,” he said. While Lee Si Yeon said, “I say his accent is almost perfect because his hometown is in Gyeongsang [a province in Southern Korea where Daegu City is located]. Your score for the dialect is 95 points.” He gave a generous score.

On this remark Yoo Ah In asked, “Then what about the other 5 points?” Lee Si Yeon promptly replied, “That’s for your humanistic qualities.” This unexpected answer made people laugh.

Kim Jung Tae playfully added, “The humanistic language that comes out of Yoo Ah In’s mouth doesn’t seem easily accepted by Lee Si Yeon.”

Yoo Ah In shot back Lee Si Yeon, “Lee Si Yeon has the best Satoori accent among us all. He’s an example of a true Southerner; he’s a macho guy and a womanizer.”

On the last session of the production conference, Yoo Ah In conveyed his message in Busan dialect to viewers: “Hyungnim~ kkk… brother, sister, dad, please come and have fun watching this movie together!”


After the event, Yoo Ah In had a short funny chat with Lee Si Yeon at twitter regarding opinions that they told to each other in the production conference ^ ^ Here’s the translations:


Tough As Iron Official International Main Trailer [ENG SUBS] 1st version


Tough As Iron Official International Main Trailer [ENG SUBS] 2nd version


More photos are available in our Facebook page in the album ‘Tough As Iron (Kangchulie 깡철이) Movie 2013’ and more news in ‘News, Media & Magazines 2013’ album ^ ^


Translated by © Admin007/Sikseekland

Photos: Kangchulie Official Facebook


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  1. mpc226 says:

    A movie w/a heart and soul….can’t wait for this film!….Am sure this movie will reap most in the award giving body! Hope Ah IN won’t forget his promise to invite Kim Tae Hee in the red carpet…

  2. Chantira Kalambasuta says:

    Thanks a lot, Furbabe! YOO are an angel as always! Btw, I didnt’ go stalking Mr.Sik in Bangkok, as I’m too old and sick for that. I hope His Highness will hold a fanmeet in Bangkok soon. I’m getting my wheelchair ready for the occasion! 😀 I’m glad he always comes to Bangkok for a short break from his work though. I’m waiting to hear news from the younger ones who seem to have gone a-hunting for Mr.Sik at the moment. 😀

  3. AndOne says:

    Love him! While most actors in their 20s get “oppa is hot/handsome – I wanna marry you” response, Ah In is different- he evokes “very talented actor” response first, then “not to mention he’s SMEXY!” 🙂 Killer combo LOL

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