[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In Transforms Into Lonely James Dean for FIRST LOOK Pictorials

Yoo Ah In transforms into the youth rebellion symbol  James Dean for FIRST LOOK Magazine Pictorials and Cover Story, September 2013 issue, in a charismatic black and white photoshoot style.

The image of ‘Kangchul’, Yoo Ah In’s character in his upcoming movie ‘Tough As Iron’, is presented in 8 pages of 1st LOOK new pictorials which takes theme ‘Shades of Youth of Yoo Ah In’.

Yoo Ah In oozes his similar sides of ‘Kangchul’ as the man of steel and a rough Busan guy. He gives off an eye-catching rebel poses~ from sporting a leather jacket and smoking a cigarette, to venting his frustrations.  The camera captures his wild restless charm and yet stylish strong impression.

In a lonely James Dean-esque style, the atmosphere of these pictorials is filled with masculinity and exotic appearance of Yoo Ah In. Check out the video~


1st LOOK Magazine Photoshoot Video 퍼스트룩-SHADES OF YOUTH 유아인

I need cold shower!

Here are the official photos from 1st LOOK Magazine website and some quotes from his interview.

“Learn to think and act for yourself” – Yoo Ah In

“I love sensational photoshoot!” – Yoo Ah In

“The result of a photo represents our own appearance as well as behavior, attitude, speech, expression, or any emotions.” – Yoo Ah In

“Personally, I hate the feelings or words of negativity.” – Yoo Ah In

“I’m very self-critical.” – Yoo Ah In

“Sometimes ‘Quality’ is too easy to implement because of the (same) pattern.” – Yoo Ah In

“Keeping your acting fresh is never easy. That’s the real thing.” – Yoo Ah In

“I want to innovate, to be like revolutionary people, and I want something new.” – Yoo Ah In

Here are some yummy screencaps from the photoshoot video~^ ^

Smoldering hot!


Full translations from this 1st LOOK interview will be posted later! Check more screencaps from 1st LOOK magazine photoshoot in our Facebook in the 1st LOOK Magazine Vol.53 September 2013′ Album.


Photos: 1st LOOK

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