[TRANS] Yoo Ah In Instagram/Twitter/Facebook Update 1~16 September: Vacay Time!

September might be a super busy month for Team Kangchul. However, our Yoo Ah In can still have quite a long sweet escape in Thailand before bouncing back to his high-speed schedule~ especially for ‘Tough As Iron’ VIP Movie Premiere next Monday. Now let’s fork and spoon Sik servings from 1 to 16 September 2013!


On 1st September Yoo Ah In instagrammed a menu of one restaurant in Haeundae, Busan. Apparently he just had dinner with friends, including his ‘Tough As Iron’ co-star Jung Yumi the day before (8/31) in Gae Mi Korean Boutique Kitchen.

My friend told me that Gaemi (literally means ‘Ant’) is a fine dining restaurant in Haeundae Marine City. The restaurant isย on a popular beautiful scenic beach-side road and the area is always full packed with tourists.

Yoo Ah In definitely loves this restaurant as he compliments it an ideal eating place. Gaemi menu sheet has a short writing about their philosophy. It’s a nice one! Check out the translations below done by Mathed & Little Birdie~

Definitely a restaurant Mathed nim and I would like to try if we go to Busan! ๐Ÿ˜€


Here are a couple of photos of Yoo Ah In and friends having dinner to celebrate Gaemi’s birthday/anniversary, 31st August.

(photos credit: mini han instagram)

After ‘Tough As Iron’ Production Conference, on 2nd September 5:48 pm, quirky Sik popped out wearing a bunny hat and splashing water to the camera from his bathtub!

Translations: “Excited out-of-body!” (Super excited!)

I’m not sure, whether he was super excited because of the production conference, or just because he likes playing with water and bubbles :p Either way, he seemed ready for ‘Running Man’ shootingย in Daegu the next day. And we’re so excited now waiting for the episode on air this Sunday! Check out the preview for Episode 164 here~



On 10th September, around 10.22~11.30 pm KST, Yoo Ah In was online on twitter and tweeted several times. The topic he brought now is about ‘apology’. We suspected that his concern relates to the public apology made by the family of former president Chun Doo-hwan at the same day. You can read the complete news about it here. Chosun reports:

The family of former presidentย Chun Doo-hwan apologized on Tuesday for a 16-year failure to pay the disgraced former president’s fine for corruption in office and announced a payment plan for the money he owes. His eldest son Chun Jae-kook (54) stood in front of the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office and read out the apology as he bowed his head in front of throngs of reporters. “I apologize on behalf of our family for causing trouble concerning the payment of fines to the people,” he said.

Some people don’t seem to believe Mr. Chun’s sincerity in his public apology. Yoo Ah In responded on this news by tweeting his opinion. Below are his tweets and the translations done by Little Birdie & Mathed nim.


He had a short conversations with his follower/fans who replied his tweets too~


This piggy guy is funny~ ย  From his tweets, I get the sense that Yoo Ah In has different view on the issue. He might think that those who demand a public apology are no better than this former president’s son. In fact, sometimes public apologies make other people feel superior and are justified on being offended.


We found out too that besides voicing his feelings out, Yoo Ah In changed his twitter profile description! Look at his new profile description now. We gotta need to chew it slowly to absorb the meaning. Siiigh! But you got the point, right? ^ ^

Yes we believe your 140 letters are sincere and alcohol-free, Master Sik!

We also believe that Yoo Ah In tweeted from his hideaway in Bangkok, Thailand! On 13th September he posted his own photo on instagram and facebook~ smoking cigarette in a Tuk Tuk somewhere around Bangkok, only to delete it later! Perhaps because of his swearing word and he thought kids might see it? Too late we got you, Notty Boy! ๐Ÿ˜€

Translations: “Oh f**k^^” #tuktuk

Bigger picture with censored cig. Thanks to Daum for covering it ^_^ Fighting!


Notty bratty hungry yummy face….and bewbz!!ย Posted on 14th September by his friend on instagram~

YOO sure were having a great vacation time!


Mr. Pororpor from Thailand accidentally caught him strolling down Siam Paragon at late hours on 16th September, and kindly shared the photos with SIKseekers. Check one of Ah In photos taken by him~

The next photo is fromย Adminย @iiou104 of Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanpageย whoย managed to meet Yoo Ah In when he was at Svarnabhumi Airport on his way back to Seoul, 20th September (that means Sik celebrated Chuseok Day in Thailand). She gave him a nice present. He looked really surprise when he saw inside the gift bag!

Check more photos of Yoo Ah In in Bangkok in our Facebook page in this ALBUM. We’ll publish the story of this photo and @iiou104 experience later!


Last but not least, the chirping bird landed on Facebook, 17th September, and for the first time he LIKED something there. Of course he had to, because it’s Kangchul2013 Facebook page! Dude gotta like his own work first.


Then he shared a video from Kangchul 2013 Facebook, which is anotherย 1st LOOK Photoshoot videoย that related to the movie. It’s the mono version of 1st LOOK photoshoot video, actually.

Let’s watch the beautiful video~

Can’t get enough of it!


‘Tough As Iron’ VIP Movie Premiere will be held on Wednesday, 25th September AND SIKseekers Project to Support Yoo Ah In’s Movie will be presentedย there right on the spot! So stay around our twitter account @SIKseekers for the updates.

Anyone who still wants to join us, the project still opens till 27th September. Check the details HERE. We’ve got some presents for you too ๐Ÿ˜€

Fighting SIKseekers!


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