[PHOTOS & VIDEO] The Absolute “Uhm Chef” Yoo Ah In Shines In Running Man

Urgently needed: Private Chef named Uhm Hong Sik.  Full time job starts immediately!

Many people are dying from too much squealing, squeeing, cuteness, and having their tummies in stitches from laughing so hard since Sunday. The only medicine that can cure them is an absolute taste of stewed beef from the Master Chef who caused the virus! Where where where?

If you see an animated, adorable, cutesy fluffy manchild with a name tag Yoo Ah In from Little Sister’s green team in Running Man, go catch him! He’s the main suspect! Heee!


Yoo Ah In made a breakthrough by adding the first variety show in his life to his resume~ ‘Running Man’. He guested in Running Man Episode 164 Chuseok Special, aired on 22nd September that brought a race mission called ‘Great Inheritance’. The race took place in his hometown Daegu City.

Awkward and shy first, Yoo Ah In quickly adapted to the crazy situation in the funniest variety show on earth and showed his own antics. The creative members accidentally created a new nick for our Master Sik~ “아인이안녕~~! (“Ain-i annyeong~~!”), and this new nick became a buzz word among his fans and colleagues on twitter! Hilarious!

Starting from the first round Yoo Ah In faced the unwelcome thought of being soaked, chucked out of his seat and flown into the water while waving both hands, inspiring the others to give shout out to him: 아인이안녕~~!! (Bye Ain!!). Gee, that’s one of the best puns intended and invented after SIKseekers’ AINyeong HaseYOO!


[VIDEOS] Watch Running Man Ep.164 – Yoo Ah In & Kim Hae Suk [Eng Subs] HERE

Surprisingly, ratings for this show picks up with Yoo Ah In and Kim Hae Sook‘s guesting! According to enewsworld, Running Man, which has been suffering with low ratings recently, finally saw a perk with guests Yoo Ah In and ‘the national mother’ Kim Hae Sook. Kim Hae Sook and Yoo Ah In currently play as a mother-son pairing in the upcoming movie ‘Tough As Iron’.

With both actors hard to see on variety, viewers tuned in, giving Running Man a rating of 14.1 percent, something the show hasn’t broken in a long time. They quickly adjusted to the ways of Running Man, even the backstabbing and cheating, creating extra laughter from the viewers.

Viewers excited with Yoo Ah In’s guesting were shown by the trends during the broadcast. “Yoo Ah In” and “Yoo Ah In cooking skill” spotted #1 on Naver & Daum real-time search that day! “Absolute taste of Yoo Ah In” made the trend too. Dae to the bak!

(Screencapped by Daum and DC)


Yoo Ah In wowed the hosts and viewers with his surprising cooking skills that media quoted as saying “puts Dae Jang Geum to shame” :p

Before the final round, Yoo Ah In has proofed his amazing food taste in the ‘Food Sense Battle” by guessing the food name right (deep-fried jelly worms) with eyes closed. His “hidden” skills brought admiration to many.

In the final cooking showdown, Yoo Ah In, who was in the ‘Little Daughter’ Team (along with Monday Couple Gary-Song Ji Hyo, Haha and Kwang Soo) taught them how to cook the best Galbijjim (Korean beef short ribs). He picked the condiments, washed and cut the meat like a pro, prepared a special sauce for the ribs, and eventually finished the servings with an OK sign all over his face.

A hundred people who took roles as judges in this round gave score on the dishes of both team. The most attention went to Yoo Ah In’s stewed beef.  Finally the judges decided that Team Yoo Ah In came out of the final battle as the champion, gaining 71 votes out of a total of 100. Weeeh~~~ Hail Uhm Chef!


Okay, too much spoilers for those who have to watch it yet. Let’s move on to the cuteness galore presented in abundant of screencaps!

coming out in awkward and nervous mode

bows nicely to his hyungs and noona because he’s the youngest

a warm welcome from Spartakook

warm welcome from all members

with “daddy’ Gary

various cute expressions of Sik

with “mommy” Jihyo ~ so cute!

the ‘Flying Chair’ round!

happy family

the ‘Food Sense Battle’

final showdown: Korean traditional cook~ and they won

Ain-i annyeong~! Bye Ain!

Check more fluffy, adorable and cutesy Yoo Ah In pictures on Running Man show in our Facebook in ‘Running Man Variety Show’ Album! PD nim please cast him again for future episodes because we want some moarr! Ain-i annyeong~~~!! 😀

Screencaps by: DC Gallery [1], [2], [3]

3 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEO] The Absolute “Uhm Chef” Yoo Ah In Shines In Running Man”
  1. ainnee says:

    i really enjoy the show,especially when he come to the show..how a creature like him exist in this world, wish i can keep him for myself hehe…please join in more another episodes..

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