[PHOTOS, NEWS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In ‘Tough As Iron’ Press Premiere 2013.09.25

After a sweet vacation in Thailand last week, Yoo Ah In is all ready for his upcoming movie ‘Kangchulie (Tough As Iron)’. On September 25th Yoo Ah In attended the Tough As Iron VIP Press Premiere in CGV Wangsimni. For the first time the full movie was previewed special for the media in order to get the promotion and reviews. Kim Hae Suk, Kim Seung Oh, Lee Si Yeon, Jung Yumi and director Ahn Kwon Tae attended the event too.

On top of all, SIKseekers Movie Project to support Tough As Iron was successfully DONE in the venue! Hooray!! We’re so happy to find out that Lee Si Yeon posed holding our gift box! Let’s check out some selected photos from this event~


Here are our gift boxes for all guests and cute banner set in CGV Wangsimni~

Lee Si Yeon holding cute Kangchulie socks from the gift box

For VIP Press Premiere Movie Project we worked together with Ainzone fansclub from Korea and Japan fans. We still have one more project on our way, that is for Yoo Ah In’s birthday 6th October. Full report on Sikseekers Dual Project will be coming after all projects executed ^_^

Now let’s see some nice photos from the VIP Press Premiere event. Yoo Ah In looks sleek and stylish as usual, wearing a green plaid suit! Swoon!

“Kangchulie fighting!”

“Kangchulie Yoo Ah In” ranked #1 on Naver Top Trend Real-time Search on that day. Daebak!!

Screencaptured by DC

Videos from the VIP Press Premiere 130925


bntnews Part I

bntnews Part II




And now here are some juicy news bits from Tough As Iron VIP Press Premiere, translated by © Admin007/Sikseekland:

On the Tough As Iron VIP Press Premiere, Kim Hae Suk and Jung Yumi shed tears when they talked about this movie with full passion and emotion.

Korea’s nation mom Kim Hae Suk who takes role on a dementia single mother said, “I’ve been acting for a long time, and when I finally got this good story it brought me to tears. I’m really grateful. All actors worked so hard and we feel like a real family now. It’s kind of nerve-wrecking, wondering how to show you the goodness of this film.” She added, “I’m affected by all the actors who put their heart and soul into this movie, and I hope we can convey our passion and emotion to the audience.”

Jung Yumi with tears in her eyes said, “I’m here today once again [she also had another movie première several weeks before]. I witnessed those (actors and crews) who worked and learned so hard for this movie. They encouraged me to do better.”

Yoo Ah In showed his close friendship with Jung Yumi in this event. They’ve met for the first time in the 2007 movie Shims Family (Skeleton in The Closet), and since then they became best friend. Today they reunited in Kangchulie.

Yoo Ah In said, “We have a good friendship that made this movie much easier to work on. Jung Yumi is a reassuring and strong friend. She’s the kind of person who makes me reassured when she’s around. Loneliness is a toxic feeling at the shooting set, but having her by my side I felt less lonely.”

Meanwhile Jung Yumi said, “It’s been a long time since my last work together with Yoo Ah In, and I had a good time in ‘Kangchulie’. Even now I want to have another chance to work with him again.”

About the Busan dialect, Yoo Ah In said “I was helped by other actors from Busan. I’m from Daegu, but my accent sounds little differently.”

Yoo Ah In also talked about the line used in the movie, ‘Kim Tae Hee’, “The movie was shot before ‘Jang Ok-Jung’. So it is not because of the drama, but I think it’s because Kim Tae Hee is so beautiful and she is like the byword of Korean beauty.”


Right after the Tough As Iron VIP press première event, Yoo Ah In went on shooting for KBS2 Entertainment Weekly…GUERRILLA DATE segment in Hongdae!!!

Whoaa! Though manager nim has hinted about it the day before, we were still surprised that Master Sik came out of the shell too fast after exposing all his cuteness in Running Man 😀 Not that we’re complaining!

Here’s Yoo Ah In having interview with Entertainment Weekly host in the studio.

Source: KBS

KBS Entertainment Weekly Guerrilla Date broadcast on Saturday, 28th.  We’ll make a special post for this after the broadcast. In the meantime, let’s check more photos of our Master Sik from this event in our Facebook in ‘Tough As Iron VIP Press Premiere 2013.09.25’ \(^_^)>


SIkseekers Project photos by AInzone, Kangchul2013 and whitepd75 twitter

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