[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In at “Tough As Iron” VIP Movie Premiere

Finally came the D-day! After the Press Premiere on 25th September, the red carpet rolled out for Yoo Ah In’s ‘Tough As Iron’ VIP Movie Premiere, 30th September. It was a star-studded night for all that involved and invited.

To name a few, some prominent celebrities who came to the VIP Premiere were Kim Tae Hee, BoA, Jung Il Woo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Bo Young, Park Min Young, Go Joon Hee, Jae Hee, Hong Soo Hyun, Son Dambi, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Min Seo, Lee Yoon Ji, SNSD Yuri-Yoona-Tiffany, and many more.


Here are some videos from that night~

Mnet WIDE: Tough As Iron VIP Movie Premiere 130930


So Good: [HD] Tough As Iron VIP Movie Premiere 130930


And check out Tough As Iron OST that has been released since 25th September~

홍대광 (Hong Dae Kwang) – 웃으며 안녕 (Goodbye With Smile) (깡철이 OST)


Yoo Ah In came together with the whole casts including Jung Yumi, Kim Seung Oh, Kim Jung Tae and Lee Si Yeon. He was wearing red long jacket. Kim Hae Sook, his mother in this movie, wore the same color as well. They came together hand in hand like real mom and son. Aww~~

Here we post some nice photos from the event~

goofy Sik with his new hairstyle!

looks having fun!

Check more and more photos in our Facebook “Tough As Iron VIP Movie Premiere 2013.09.30” Album. For the photos of guests/other celebrities attending this VIP Movie Premiere, check Kangchul 2013 Facebook Album and twitter.

And today the movie is première nationwide! We hope a lot of people will go see this movie.  Kangchulie fighting!


Photos credit:  Jjigae, Moonai, Kangchul, Yoo Ah In’s manager, and as tagged

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  1. Julie Ha says:

    Do you guys have any new about the movie?

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