[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Got Some Birthday Surprises in His Movie Stage Greetings

Yoo Ah In had a blast and perhaps the most hectic birthday in his life. It’s like a 2 days birthday marathon and a ‘Sik Hug Week’!

While attending the 18th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Yoo Ah In participated in the promotional events for his movie ‘Tough As Iron’ with his co-stars Kim Hae Suk, Jung Yumi, Lee Si Yeon and Kim Seung Oh.

On 5th October, Yoo Ah In and ‘Tough As Iron’ casts including director Ahn Kwon Tae went to Seomyeon CGV and Lotte Cinema in Busan for their first cinema stage greetings and paying respect to audience. After the event the troop went to Haeundae Beach for BIFF event InStyle Red Carpet Party. Check out the videos from these events~


Instyle Red Carpet Party & Talkshow


Seomyeon CGV Stage Greeting 1


Seomyeon CVG Stage Greeting 2


Here are some photos from Busan stage greetings and InStyle Red Carpet Party below~

From Busan Stage Greetings

Yoo Ah In got a bouquet of flowers from fans

He got some presents including a support banner from fans too

Advance birthday cake from ‘Tough As Iron’ staff

Giving his signature to fan’s banner

People flocking the street to see him

Thumb up!

From InStyle Red Carpet Party

Lovey dovey Yoo Ah In to mommy Kim Hae Sook β™₯

Sudden hugs from fangirls!

Ahjumma fan πŸ˜€


And to end the day, they shot for Daum event “Star & Shake Talk”. So many people came to this event to see them! The talkshow was full of fun with some games/quizes. Lee Si Yeon who lost the game had to take off his shoes and get down the pool in the cold autumn weather!

In the talkshow Yoo Ah In once again reaffirmed that he would go parade around the city riding his side-car motorbike if ‘Tough As Iron’ reached 3 million viewers. and he would go ALL NUDE if this movie reached 10 million submissions!


Check out the photos from this event~

The venue is full packed with audience

Yoo Ah In’s chic style, plus being lovely to Kim eomma

Fun games, and Lee Si Yeon gets wet!

Blows a kiss to all people


On the midnight ahead of his birthday, Kim Hae Suk, Jung Yumi and other fellow actors threw a surprise birthday cake to Yoo Ah In. Ain’t they sweet?


6th October the next day which is his birthday, Yoo Ah in went to his hometown Daegu for more cinema stage greetings at IMAX and Megabox. It was a very special day as a crowd of more than 300 inside the theater singing happy birthday to him! A nice birthday cake brought out and he blew the candles with explosive applause.

Upon the hot enthusiasm of audience and the birthday surprise, Yoo Ah In said,Β β€œTo have this many people take care of me on my birthday – I am truly grateful. My hometown is in Daegu, and I’ve been touring to promote for our movie. I will always remember this moment as one of the most meaningful memories I’ve had while filming and promoting this movie. Please give our movie a lot of love and spread the good word about it!”


Here are some nice videos from this event~

Daegu Stage Greetings


CGV IMAX Daegu – Fan sings happy birthday and Yoo Ah In Β gets birthday cake:

Part I


Part II


Lotte Cinema, Dongseongro Daegu – Fan sings happy birthday again


Megabox Daegu – Another birthday chorus


A fanboy dancing for Kim Hae Suk making Sik laugh


Besides a little celebration from fans at the cinema, Yoo Ah In got a sweet little birthday party too prepared by ‘Tough As Iron’ actors and director in their van! Lee Si Yeon and Kim Seung Oh made this a really wacky but memorable event for him. Look what these tough guys did to our poor birthday boy!

Lovely Kangchul Family

lol the birthday boy got bullied on his day :p

More photos from Daegu stage greetings~

People and fans already waiting for him outside

Blows candles from his birthday cake given by the staff

A hug from a little fan~ aww..


Peace y’all!

Peace again!

Kim Hae Suk is stunned by so many fans outside the cinema waiting for them


And on his last stop in Daegu CGV cinema, once again Yoo Ah In got another surprise, that might be the biggest, when Kim Hae Suk came bringing a woman to the stage. The woman is non other than his birth mother! Yoo Ah In was very surprised but happy πŸ˜€

Yoo Ah In hugs his mom~ so happy that she comes to see him & watch the movie


Last but not least, SIKseekers also had our own way to celebrate Master Sik’s birthday~ we had a very fun twitter party from the first second of 6th October to the last second of it. Not only a flooded wishes to Yoo Ah In, we overflowed his mentions with cute awesome and lovely fanarts too!

If you missed the fun, go to twitter and checked our special hashtags #HappyBirthdayYooAhIn and #HappySikDay to catch up what’s missing πŸ˜€

Now here goes some fanarts from our fellow #SIKseekers on twitterverse~

by: @annicacchi

by @AshaSummer

by @_0861006

by @pammie_ss


Our birthday project has closed but donations still coming in from around the globe! Daebak! Thank you so much for your passion towards Yoo Ah In. Full report will come later. Once again, happy birthday Yoo Ah In!


Photos: Moritania, Limeade, zzghkdudzz. DC [1],[2],[3], @STARKent_, @kangchul2013 and Naver


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