[NEWS & VIDEOS] Tough As Iron to Hit North America, Pretty Teasers Release

Tough As Iron new stills (source: Kangchul2013 Facebook)


Good news for SIKseekers who live in North America. Yoo Ah In’s New Film to Hit US Theaters on October 11th and advanced screening on October 10th!!

Yoo Ah In’s newest film “Tough as Iron” will meet US moviegoers this week, less than ten days after its domestic release.

“Tough as Iron” has confirmed its opening date to October 11 in local time and its opening schedule in nine first-run theaters, each of which are located in the nine cities of the country, according to the film’s US distributor CJ Entertainment America.


The selected theaters are:


FULLERTON – Regal La Habra

IRVINE – Edwards UTC

WASHINGTON D.C. – Fairfax Towne Center 10

ATLANTA – AMC Colonial

SEATTLE – AMC Alderwood

CHICAGO – AMC Showplace Niles

DALLAS – AMC Grapevine Mills


HONOLULU – Consolidated Pearlrdige *

TORONTO – Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas

VANCOUVER – Cineplex Silvercity Coquitlam

* for Honolulu the movie will release Oct 18


For those of you who live around Los Angeles, here’s another good news: You don’t have to wait til 11th because there’s and advanced screening on October 10!

You are invited to the only Los Angeles special advanced screening of Korea’ most celebrated family drama of 2013 being held at CGV Cinemas (621 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA) in the heart of Koreatown! RSVP ASAP HERE

TOUGH AS IRON (깡철이) – Special Advanced Screening
CJ Entertainment
Thursday, October 10, 2013 from 2:45 PM to 6:00 PM (PDT)
Los Angeles, CA


Despite a hard life working on the docks, Gang Cheol (Yoo Ah In) or Kangchul is a young man with an indomitable spirit taking care of his sick mother Soo-ni (Kim Hae Sook) and relying on his bravado to carry him through. He is able to momentarily forget his precarious reality when he meets Suji (Jung Yoo Mi), a free-spirit who walks into his corner of rough-and-tumble Busan and paints a very different picture of life from the one he has known.

His mental vacation is short-lived, however, when his mother’s sickness suddenly worsens and his best friend Jongsu gets deeply indebted to Yakuza loan sharks. Money, and lots of it, which he has never had, is the solution to both problems.

For a man whose name means “IRON,” Cheol must decide how far to bend if he wants to save the most important people in his life. In TOUGH AS IRON, blood and money are the ties that bind each and every character, but this warm-hearted dramatic actioner draws the audience to some surprising conclusions.


Yoo Ah In talks about his character in the upcoming movie “Tough as Iron” during a photoshoot session with First Look Magazine. [We’ve posted the original Korean version video and the official photos here

Watch to find out what he says about his role:

1st LOOK & Kangchul [Yoo Ah In] Photoshoot [Eng Subs]


1st LOOK  & Kangchul [Yoo Ah In] Photoshoot on Channel CGV


Let’s get down with pretty screencaps!

Screencaptured by DC


Check more screencaps from 1st LOOK magazine photoshoot in our Facebook in the 1st LOOK Magazine Vol.53 September 2013′ Album.


Here’s a brief translations of what 1st LOOK thinks about Yoo Ah In translated by Admin007/Sikseekland:

“Shades of Youth Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In is the kind of person who learns to think and act for themselves.  From his stubbornness, thoroughness action and hot boiled thinking, a cool youth stays within himself.

Yoo Ah In is a book that’s hard to read. The long words and the thickness of his stacked lines that he spits out are not easily digested.  However it’s not that bad to chew and swallow them~ As soon as the suspense is put in the mouth it leaves the sweet taste and a different meaning from that of a scattered noise.”


Yoo Ah In about his photoshoot with 1st LOOK:

“When I do a photo shoot, I bring a professional consciousness to the set.  As if I was a model [laughs].  If there is nothing more, no new poses that I can do, and I am just going through the motions, then I feel this sense of shame.  I like today’s type of shoot.  I don’t have to do a lot of movement, and the idea that I can create finished photographs all at once through my face and expressions is sensational. Because I love sensation [laughs].”

I choose to feel that the word is implicated with many meanings. But a photo is a result of appearance as well as behavior, attitude, speech, expression, or any emotions.”


Very nice, Master Sik. Hope to hear this movie review from North America soon!


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  1. […] As we already posted before, Tough As Iron (Kangchuli) hit North America since October 10th, and benightedxflame from Soompi went to watch this movie and wrote a nice review about it. Let’s check what he/she thought on Kangchuli and Yoo Ah In’s performance. […]

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