[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Again, Lafuma Brings Yoo Ah In’s Hotness in BTS & New CF!

photo: Lafuma blog


The beastly Sik is captured on screen and we say yay! 😀

We have posted the first Lafuma CF HERE before, with the new exclusive models Yoo Ah In and Go Joon Hee being all sizzling hot. As you all have seen and enjoyed and drooled on, both of them just ooze sex appeal that we just can’t help to wonder what it’s like behind this commercial film.

Thank the power of universe, Lafuma released the making of Lafuma 2013 F/W CF on 29th September. Even in just a CF Making/BTS they look good together and it makes you giddy in excitement. Check the video out~


Yoo Ah In: Lafuma 2013 Photoshoot Sketch (The Making of CF)


And on Thursday October 10, the brand released another version of Lafuma CF! Yoo Ah In brings a new meaning to jacket-ripping and what looks like a feather pillow fight! The 33 secs fight scene is just so darn sexy and sparks fire every direction.

Wish they ripped off not only the jacket but the whole clothes! ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v *pervert mode on*


Yoo Ah In: Lafuma 2013 Winter Helios


The ripping party!

rawrrrr! oooh yeah sexy!

Here are some screencaps from both videos~


Breath in, breath out~ Scroll up, scroll down~ video on repeat! Still waiting for the 60 seconds version!


Screencaps by Yoo Ah In SikSeekLand, GIFs provided by DC


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