[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In Got Some Fun With Fans on Guerrilla Date

AINyeong SIKseekers~^^ KBS World just released Entertainment Weekly Guerrilla Date with Yoo Ah In video on their official Youtube channel with English subs yesterday. Phew~~ we’ve been waiting for too long!

Yoo Ah In went straight to shoot KBS2 Entertainment Weekly for a Guerrilla Date right after Kangchuli/Tough As Iron VIP Press Premiere on 25th September.

It was kind of chaotic and yet super excited feeling in the air when he stepped on Hongdae street market and made the traffic freeze.

Manager nim has hinted about it the day before, but we were still surprised that Master Sik came out of the shell Β real fast after exposing all his cuteness inΒ Running Man. It’s a sweet surprise after all so hey no complain! πŸ˜€

Hilarious events ensue when Yoo Ah In has some talks with his enthusiast fans and gives free hug to some of them.

Yoo Ah In shows his antics during the interview as well. When this show was airing in Korea on 28th September, he became No.1 on Naver Top Trend real time search! Wow!

screencapped by DC

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Yoo Ah In reveals his real height and weight. Korean portals and sites always wrote his profile as 181 cm tall and 62 kg weight. But in this show Yoo Ah In frankly says that he is only 179 cm tall and weights 71 kg. He says he increased his height profile because all actors did it to their profile too.

Yoo Ah In says that he goes to the nightclubs occasionally to release stress, and that he picked ‘Boys Of Tomorrow’ -his first big screen movie which accidentally an indie- because he wanted to strengthen his ability as an actor from inside.

He writes down that he had 3 relationships since his debut, but later hesitates and admits that he had a helluva more than three relationships! Yeah, we don’t believe you only had that little :p The truth is he’s been in love 3 times that he regards as his real love. Aww…

Yoo Ah In is well known as a good writer and always shares his deep thoughts through social media such as twitter. And sometimes his candid and straightforward words became issues. When asked about it, he replies.

“As a young person living in my generation, I want to share my thoughts with the world. I want to let out my thoughts about the world. I want to confront and be honest, being less like unrealistic celebrities. I think young actors need to try and do that.”

When the host asks if he pays attention to the online comments about him, Yoo Ah In says,

“You need to understand, and know, and pay attention too. That way, I can be more objective. And in that way, I can improve as well.”

The funny thing is, when the host asks if there are any comments that made Yoo Ah In truly got mad, he replies.”‘Yoo Ah In is uglier than Song Joong Ki.’ [laughs hard] ‘Kim Soo Hyun is better’. [laughs again]. ‘Yoo Ah In doesn’t compare!’” LOL

Last but not least, there’s a wrong translations regarding the number of admissions for his movie ‘Punch/Wandeugi’. It’s not 1 million, but 5.3 million admissions. Yoo Ah In made a promise to go all nude if Wandeugi made it to 10 million viewers, but it didn’t happen. So now he renews his promise again for ‘Tough As Iron/Kangchuli’! πŸ™‚

Let’s Check out the complete hilarious and fun Yoo Ah In on Guerrilla Date video with English subs~


Yoo Ah In – Guerrilla Date 130925 [ENG SUBS] (starts fromΒ 42:20)


Some photos from the shooting, 25th September~


And now some fun screencaps after the shows airing, captured by Satoshi~

hilarious indeedy!

This is one of the best TV interviews of Yoo Ah In, and hope there’ll be more to come!


Check more photos and screencaps in our Facebook page in the album ‘Guerrilla Date Entertainment Weekly, 25=28 September 2013’^^


Photos credit: Moonai, jrgodks, Limeade, and Kangchul2013

5 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In Got Some Fun With Fans on Guerrilla Date”
  1. YOO are one amazing young man! ❀

  2. mdj101 says:

    Always consistently open and honest even now! Becoming even more admirable as an adult. Will always have an interest in dramas or films of Yoo Ah In since seeing his portrayal of Seon Jae in Secret Love Affair drama in 2014. (of course, I liked him first in SKKS)

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