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Tough As Iron Special Movie Posters

A tweet from Super Junior’s Siwon after he watched ‘Tough As Iron’ 

‘Tough As Iron’ reached over 1 million submissions in 10 days. At the moment the number is slowing down, however this movie especially Yoo Ah In received praises and rave reviews from movie critics inside and outside Korea.

Since there are too many news about this movie and gazillion interviews with Yoo Ah In, it’s almost impossible to translate them all one by one.  So for this post we compile news from some English Kpop sites first. And the next post will be translations right from various Korean media sources. Here we go~

As we already posted before, Tough As Iron (Kangchuli) hit North America since October 10th, and benightedxflame from Soompi went to watch this movie and wrote a nice review about it. Let’s check what he/she thought on Kangchuli and Yoo Ah In’s performance.


Yoo Ah In Shout Out to U.S Fans [ENG SUBS]

[Movie Review] Tough As Iron

Warning – may contain some spoilers


Gang Chul (Yoo Ah In), a hardworking young man with a sunny personality, has been dealt some bad cards in life. He works a laborious job down at the Busan docks, and spends all of his time caring for his mother, Soo Ni (Kim Hae Sook), who suffers from a string of illnesses, including dementia, and who often mistakes him for his long-departed father. Although their lives are tough, Gang Chul manages to find content in the simplest of moments, taking life day by day.



His happiness is short-lived, however, as his mother’s condition begins to gradually worsen while the medical fees climb. In a bad turn of fate, his best friend Jongsu(Lee Shi Un) also becomes heavily indebted to the Yakuza. Despite his insistence on staying out of the gang rings, Gang Chul is unwittingly embroiled into a gang war that is much bigger than himself.

Tough As Iron” does a great job of subtlety hinting at deeper questions, and is very much a mediation on mortality – Gang Chul, who has a unwavering dedication to his mother, must eventually face the realities of life and death and re-evaluate the extents he is willing to go to save the one he loves.



The highlight of the film comes not from any of the action-packed sequences of the “gang war”, but from Gang Chul’s pointed realization that despite all of his efforts, saving his own mother might in fact be hopeless. He is forever stuck in the repetition of rescuing Soon Ni from her vexing antics, while he has no life of his own to live. His blossoming relationship with Seoul photographer Suji (Jung Yoo Mi) is at a halt – she wants him to leave Busan with her, but he is tied to Busan, and tied to his obligations as a son.


Similarly, the film juxtaposes Gang Chul’s devotion to his mother with his best friend Jongsu’s exasperation with his father. Though their circumstances are similar (Jongsu once remarks: “Since when has the world been fair to us?”), the characters’ approaches to life are at two ends of the spectrum. While one is willing to risk everything and forgoes safely for himself for family, another is cynical and accusing, easily bowing down to the struggles in life.



“Tough As Iron” boasts a stellar cast, with stellar rendering of their characters to boot. In particular, Yoo Ah In’s portrayal of Gang Chul hits the nail right on the head – he perfectly captures the essence of Gang Chul, and effortlessly shows the audience that Gang Chul is only holding steadfast to a mirage and delusion that life could once again be normal.

Overall, “Tough As Iron” paints a poignant portrait about love, sacrifice, and one man’s earnest perseverance. ***



On the interview recently with media, Yoo Ah In explains why he chose ‘Tough As Iron’, a low budgeted movie, as his next project. Here are the translations by Kpopstarz


Yoo Ah In: Icon of an “Unfortunate Youth”

Actor Yoo Ah In came back as Kkang Chuli/Kangchuli in movie “Tough as Iron.” Some might say, “Again?” since the Korean title of the movie, “Tough as Iron,” sounds very similar to “Wandeuki/Wandeugi (2011),” a movie he made two years ago. Yoo Ah In acknowledged this fact.

“I didn’t want to do this movie when I skipped over the title on the script, because I didn’t want to do a second version of “Wandeuki” But they are two distinctive films,” Yoo Ah In said in an interview in Seoul last week.



“Tough as Iron” is a movie about a Busan man, Gang Chul, who faces the tough world with his unique sense of optimism. Gang Chul is an aggressive yet honest person. To borrow Yoo Ah In’s expression, Gang Chul is nicer than any ordinary person. He makes money the honest way and takes care of his mother the honest way, but couldn’t help but become aggressive in this tough world.



Yoo Ah In, ‘A Wild Horse? I’m More Timid Than Wild’

Ask Yoo Ah In About himself, And This is What He Has to Say

“Sometimes I run around like a wild horse and rush things like the KTX. At the same time, I’m always timid and observant of others so that I don’t offend them. I never leave myself in peace but want to always grow to be a better actor and person.”

He then said, laughing, “It’s a nightmare, don’t you think so?”


Yoo Ah In’s answers sometimes return as questions, which is unique and thought provoking. His way of speaking is different from others. Even in the way he speaks, he stands apart from other celebrities whose answers are often retorts or one word cliche answers.



After the run away hit Punch, Yoo Ah In became the most sought after actor in his 20s in the Korean film industry. The next scenario he chose was Tough As Iron which opened on October 2nd. The reason he chose another low budget film? He wanted to stay true to himself.

“I always ask myself If I’m staying true to what I was before. Tough As Iron was what the naive ‘me’ would have chosen prior to my success. It was a choice I made to reaffirm my stance. A multi-million dollar mega blockbuster? That’s not me. I wanted to remind myself of that.”



Punch and Tough As Iron are movies that are protagonist heavy. Tough As Iron protagonist Kkang Chul is a man that deeply loves his mother.

Does Yoo Ah In resemble Kkang Chul in that way?

“I think I’m as manly as him, sure, but I don’t know if I can love my mother like he does. I have a hard time expressing my affection for my mother. I have been meaning to improve on that front.”



Yoo Ah In is an actor, but he has a slew of other talents that he refuses to be known by. He is already known to be an excellent writer through this writings on social networking sites. He has an excellent fashion sense that others mimic, and although it’s not well known, he is also a very good artist. He is active in pursuing these creative outlets but doesn’t want to make it public.

“I write, draw, and create works of art, but at this point, those things will be judged without objectivity only because I was the one doing it. I don’t want my works to be stamped ‘Yoo Ah In’s Work.’ I think my art should stand on its own, not on the crutches of my fame.”

He added, mischievously, “Who knows? Maybe I’m not doing it under my name. Maybe I’m using an alias.”


Yoo Ah In loves making friends. He says that his friends are his driving force in life.

“I don’t think there’s much to life besides having a great group of friends surrounding you. I always try to stretch my mind to become more flexible and natural. I don’t have a single friend or possession that I feel that I have not earned through hard work.”


Yoo Ah In is known for not hiring a fashion coordinator. He dresses himself even for big events, and his fashion philosophy is simple.

“I want to show myself the way I want myself to be shown. That’s the most natural me.”


His next project? He has said that he is most likely going to film another movie.

“What I really want to do is TV sitcoms. Something to break the mold. I don’t need a big stage to show my acting prowess. Wherever I’m at should be the center stage. A true star should have that kind of pull, and I would like to be that kind of star.”



Here are some videos/clips from ‘Tough As Iron’ movie promotion~


Kangchul 5 Action Scenes & The Making~ Yoo Ah In did five different action scenes that were really hard and quite dangerous! Check them out~


Kangchul’s Charms~ Yoo Ah In boasted Busan man charms; sometimes cute, sometimes cool ^^


5 Minutes Clip of Tough As Iron Opening Scene



Let’s check some interview videos of Yoo Ah In from various programs~

CGV Movie & Weekend 130914


SBS Movie World 130921


Besides the many of interview videos and articles, there’s also a special segment at SBS One Night of TV Entertainment for the four lead actors of ‘Tough As Iron’, where Yoo Ah In. Kim Hae Suk, Kim Jung Tae and Kim Seung Oh throw questions to each other. The show went with so much fun! Here you go~


SBS One Night of TV Entertainment 130911


Brief translations from this show by Admin007/Sikseekland:

On the September 11th broadcast of SBS One Night TV Entertainment, the lead actors of ‘Kangchulie’ (Tough As Iron) participated in the ‘Fastball Question’ segment. During the fast Q/A session, some facts about Yoo Ah In are revealed.

Kim Jung Tae asked Yoo Ah In, “Are you still in contact with Kim Tae Hee?” to which Yoo Ah In replied frankly, “Sometimes. We call each other occasionally.”

Following Yoo Ah In’s answer, Kim Jung Tae asked again, “When was your recent call?” Yoo Ah In replied, “Around a couple of weeks ago.” Upon hearing this, Kim Jung Tae playfully asked, “Can I have her phone number?”

Kim Hae Suk continued with, “Who do you like the most: Kim Tae Hee or mommy (Kim Hae Suk)?” Yoo Ah In answered quickly, “Omma!” And Kim Hae Suk laughed.

Kim Hae Suk expressed her gratitude towards Yoo Ah In as well. “I was so impressed with the presents that he gave to me. On my last birthday, Yoo Ah In sent me a bag and a bouquet of flowers. I didn’t expect it,” she said. Yoo Ah In jokingly replied, “Next year don’t expect a bouquet either.”

Yoo Ah In also revealed the affection that he got from Kim Hae Suk, “Kim Hae Suk sonsaengnim (teacher) often sends bread and crab dishes to my home,” he said.

When Yoo Ah In asked Kim Hae Suk who she would like to be her pair in a romantic drama, Kim Hae Suk answered, “I want to act in mellow with Yoo Ah In. I really do. Of all the adults, I wish only with Yoo Ah In. Because I’m his sunflower,” she declared as a certified fan of him.

Yoo Ah In showed his bizarre expression and cute aegyo in this show too. Kim Jung Tae asked, “Please show the viewers your different bizarre look”. And in a flash Yoo Ah In made a popped-large eyes and twisted face, which took them by surprise.

Kim Hae Suk asked Yoo Ah In to show off his aegyo side too. “Please show for once to mommy your aegyo, son”. At first Yoo Ah In couldn’t stand the embarrassment and hide his face on the wall, but then he wiggled his body and shoulder from side to side with very cute expression, which made the room broke to laughter. He was very embarrassed but his baby face made him look more charming.

Yoo Ah In said that with ‘Tough As Iron’, “I want to show the different amiable person for my mom.” ***


Wew, so glad to read these superb interviews and review. Good job, Master Sik!


New still cuts & images provided by Kangchul2013 Facebook.

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  1. mpc226 says:

    I’d would say Yoo Ah In is really charming and adorable man….and the type of person any girl would want to bring home to Omma and whom Omma will surely glad to welcome with open arms! To say that he is really good would be understatement but boy, he really is oozing with talent, not to mention a good cook, too….and super hottttttt…. Expect Yoo Ah In and the rest of the TAI casts grand slamming all awards in the next K-award nights for giving such an exceptional acting! Kudos to YAI…

    • Furbabe says:

      Quantity wise, Kangchuli/TAI still can’t surpass Wandeugi/Punch in box office record, though I think this movie is more interesting and took a lot of efforts than Punch. But still I’m so proud of YAI because he gave us a really good movie to watch 🙂

  2. mpc226 says:

    Btw, admin007/Sikseekland: Thanks for sharing the brief translation of the interview between Ah In & the rest of the casts of TAI….thanks for all ur hardworks in keeping us updated!

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