[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is A Kick-ass Hero in Jardin de Chouette’s Fashion Show

Check this out Sikseekers,” Neo The Matrix meets Dark Vader of Star Wars” attire donned by uri fashionista Yoo Ah In!

Thumbs up for Uhm Chef who cleverly cooked such kickass-hero fashion on his attendance at Jardin de Chouette’s S/S Collection Fashion Show on Tuesday, 22nd Oct 2013, Grand Hyatt Hotel Seoul. Jardin de Chouette’s 2014 S/S Fashion Show is one of the events presented by 2013 Seoul Fashion Week, and a lot of celebrities came to this show.

Dig in your wardrobe, be compatible with Yoo Ah In’s and trend this kickass hero fashion for this upcoming Halloween day!

Here are somethings that Yoo should take note for your Halloween fashion Plan:

1. Black turtle neck top with bling bling-silvery robotic/Darth Vader (minus creepy mask)/futuristic pressed emblems. We just love every weird, funny and unique pressed emblems shirts that Sik wears. Don’t we? He looks hot yet cool in ‘whatever’ T-shirts. *bias bias bias*


2. Black baggy pants with thick opening rolls up to A crop. Sure, Master Sik managed to look cool and funky in those pants. His chicken skinny legs definitely looks longer and more volume in those pants and it’s not everyone can pull off. *He’s a natural-born model. Love him!*


3. Black leather triple wrap belt with ring pullbacks. Super awesome! I’m so tickled pink looking at his belt. It just soooo Sexsi and perky. So watchout Fashion Police! We dare you. Yoo Ah In must be awarded for his sexsi funky belt!


4. Black cool trench coat ala Neo The Matrix. It’s never out of fashion and a must item to have for winter. What we need to pass through the cold winter are Sik in his trench coat, more Sik in trenchcoat and more more Sik! *fanself*


5. Black leather futuristic boot with straps and buckles. It’s the boots’ night!


Check the latest leather boots of Jardin de Choutte, and the Wall Photo Video shows how cool Yoo Ah In in those strapping boots. *me waaaant YOO in the boots* *wipedrools*

Yoo Ah In – Jardin de Chouette Fashion Show


Yoo Ah In, Choi Kanghee, Lee Dong Wook, Victoria on the front row~


Lastly, don’t forget style your hair as sleek as SIK and… YOO are ready for your Halloween party! Have a great Halloween Party Sikseekers!

Check more pictures in our Facebook in ‘Jardin de Chouette Fashion Show 2013.10.22’  😀


3 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is A Kick-ass Hero in Jardin de Chouette’s Fashion Show”
  1. mpc226 says:

    OMG, Ah In is truly oozing w/sex appeal! Love YOO!

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