Yoo Ah In Says No to Serve The People, Chooses to Take a Break


Say goodbye to the prospect of seeing nekkid Sik. Yoo Ah In says “No” to 19+ rated adult movie ‘Serve The People’. (And pervert noonas are in mourning. Teehee!) Wait, I think this is the right decision. So I’m good. Let’s first find the reason.

Agency said on 29th October, that after much thoughts and reviews on the script, Yoo Ah In decided not to take part in the adult movie ‘Serve The People‘.

Earlier, Yoo Ah In’s agency Star-K, released a statement on the 28th September that Yoo Ah In has been offered the lead role in this movie and was highly considering in positive view. However no decision was made yet until yesterday.

Based on several interviews recently, Yoo Ah In says he really wants to join this movie. As he told High Cut on July 2013 interview,

“The story is so tempting for an actor like me to the extent that it feels like the movie is up on the top of the elevator.  I already made up my mind in my heart, but I’m still hesitating in my head.”

After the news of him wanting to appear on this movie broke, some famous actresses were said eying the lead female role. However, with Yoo Ah In backs down the discussion goes back to square one.

At the moment Yoo Ah In is reviewing some project proposals, while taking a break and having some rest. Agency stated that Yoo Ah In hasn’t got some rest yet, having wrapped up Jang Ok Jung followed by the nonstop movie promotions for Kangchuli. Therefore, they decided not taking a project for the time being.



My take on this, Yoo Ah In made the right decision to turn down the proposal. IMO, the reason is not because he lost interest in the story or just because he wanted to get some rest. But as the news circulated, another 19+ erotic movie with similar premise and Song Seung Heun as the lead has already cranked in since last month.  The movie is called ‘Human Addiction’ and the storyline is very similar to that of ‘Serve The People’. Both movies plan to premiere by the second half of next year too.

Now can you imagine similar movies released at the same time? In addition to that, ‘Human Addiction’ will finish the shooting first. It’s a big NO in marketing perspective for both Yoo Ah In and ‘Serve The People’ itself. Furthermore, quality wise, there’s nothing fresh in it anymore.

Meanwhile in some other interviews during this month, Yoo Ah In says he’d like to play in a sitcom, something simple but able to highlight his acting skill. Now this is a big yes from me 🙂

As his agency stated, there are some TV series/dramas and big screens/movies proposals for Yoo Ah In and he’s reviewing them one by one. Who knows, among them all he finally gets a great sitcom script. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. And have a good rest, Master Sik!^^


6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Says No to Serve The People, Chooses to Take a Break”
  1. rosesinbloom says:

    I’m good with his decision to say “no” to Serve the People. YAI is an amazingly talented actor and I look forward to his next project. For now, have a well deserve rest and we will see you soon.

  2. Yes, have a good rest, YAI! You can always come back to Thailand for another long vacation! 🙂

  3. mpc226 says:

    Yes, I agree w/him 100% in his decision not to take part in Serve the People….afterall, he needed much rest and deserves better one at that! Enjoy masterSik…be waiting for u on ur next project! Take care! LoveYoo!

  4. Miko says:

    I support that YOO AH IN Says ”No to Serve The People ”. I ‘m so glad his decision.

  5. ainnee says:

    i support yoo in every decision he takes, since he know better himself than other…and as fans of course i want him to make another project soon, so we can watching him on screen again…but since this year is busiest year for him, i think he deserve to have rest time for himself..we always love yoo

  6. Shas says:

    it’s better that way. in fact he got better movie offers such as veteran, right?

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