[PHOTOS] The Fashion King is Back in JACK&JILL 2013 Winter Collections

Winter comes and so does AIN the Fashion King! After releasing the video of JACK&JILL 2013 Winter Movie last month, Yoo Ah In comes back with JACK&JILL Winter Collections.

In the latest Jack and Jill Winter catalog, Master Sik shows off a series of gorgeous winter jackets and jaw dropping winter wardrobes. He awesomely looks pretty and smexy in those winter clothes and believe me, excessive staring those pictures might give you some health issues and it’s contagious too!

You might experience some side effects like palpitation, high blood pressure, breathlessness, excessive drools, uncontrollably smiling, giggling, and produce “wooow and uwaaah” sound involuntarily. So, knowing those risks, let’s all those symptoms take place and NEVER EVER be reluctant to scroll up, scroll down, stare, zoom in zoom out stare for more and yes, stare for more.


Because of YOO, I love Monday

Drool over stylish and chic SIK in blue printed Shirt, 2 button winter jacket-suit, dark grey necktie and casual bright winter jacket. Now I love Monday!!

Geeky Tuesday

I loveeeee Yoo’s geeky smarty-pants looks. He looks smexy wrapped in blue shirt, Christmas Jumper and smarty wool winter jacket with furry hood. Thank YOO for early Christmas Present!

Sik’s serious James-Dean Look! Yoo Ah In’s in Polka Dot blue shirt combined with leather strap V fold neck Red Wine Christmas sweater and 3 tone colors Woolen Jacket. Darn Smexy YOO! Yoo keeps kill my heart with your dagger stares *dies*

Far and Cold WETnesday

Never get bored staring at Yoo Ah In’s cool straight face expression! He looks super cool with thick layered cross stitch denim shirt with 3 tone colors Woolen Jacket and Sik’s signature “Thick Rolls Up to A Crop” Jeans. Not forgetting a pair of Kickass boots!!

And OOOOHHH love love love that holey jeans! Let’s the hole-y jeans back to trend! The badboy Sik with pissed off expression is back! Yaaaayyy! Thick turtle neck sweater equals no asschin. Awww Shut Up!


Vintage Thursday

Long time no see hey “The boy next door” dress code YOO! Blue denim shirt with washed black denim jeans and sporty jacket? Ho Ho Ho.. I’m dying to be YOOr neighbour!

Deep thinker YOO!! Or.. admiring his shining black leather shoes? LOL

Casual Friday

Definitely loveeeee Sik’s casual style! Green khaki sweater with holey crop jeans is back!! Not to forget his bling bling gold sneakers!! They are the winners!

Saturday Night Fever

I have a Sik Fever! And it only can be cured by Master Sik and his Jaguar skin Shoes. LOL Yoo Ah In looks super gorgeous in that skinny winter jacket. Make sure it warms YOO, Master Sik and if it doesn’t do, let me take over its job to warm YOO, Master Sik. *nosebleed*

Sneaky Sunday

Hello Sunshine, where are Yoo going in those golden snake-skin shoes? Zoom in Yoo Ah In’s Supaaah Cute Expression. Magnified!! He looks super adorable in matching color style from head to toes.

Satisfied? Don’t be! BE GREEDY when it’s about Master Sik! Put it into action. Doll up your love ones (boyfriend, husband, brother, your crush) with Sik’s winter style. At least you get some Sik’s scent around yoo for this whole winter. ^^


One Response to “[PHOTOS] The Fashion King is Back in JACK&JILL 2013 Winter Collections”
  1. ainnee says:

    i’m drooling for this man

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