Yoo Ah In Casts For ‘Veteran’, Special Appearance in ‘Elegant Lies’ Movie

Buckle up, fasten your seat belt and get ready for another hectic Sik year, SIKseekers! Yoo Ah In sets for possibly 2 movies that will be down in cinemas next year: Elegant Lies and Veteran. Oh la la love eet!


There’s actually one movie already confirmed Yoo Ah In’s name on its credits. It’s the PD-writer team behind Yoo Ah In’s  blockbuster movie Wandeugi (Punch) who took him for a special appearance in their 2014 movie project Elegant Lies.  The movie centers around the main characters: Goo Ah Sung (Snowpiercer), Kim Yoo Jung (The Moon That Embraces The Sun) and Kim Hae Ae (A Wife’s Credentials).


Elegant Lies tells a story of a teen girl (Go Ah Sung) trying to find the  truth behind the death of her sister (Kim Hyang GiQueen’s Classroom) while her mother overcoming the loss of the daughter. In this movie Yoo Ah In makes a special appearance as the neighbor of the family with quirky personality who’s facing a civil servant examination. Hmm..sounds interesting. Rumor has it, that he’ll be sporting the long hair. Woot woot rock it! [Update 11/15: click HERE for that mane of glory picture!]

Elegant Lies just finished shooting last 4th of November and set to première in the second half of 2014.


While Elegant Lies is totally a “friendship” project between Yoo Ah In and Wandeugi team, Veteran seems totally an “It” project for him.


TV Daily and Newsen reported today that Yoo Ah In is cast along with senior actor Hwang Jung Min (Fists of Legend) to frontline the 2014 crime action movie Veteran (working title). Veteran is helmed by prominent director Ryu Seung Wan who recently produced the all-time highest-grossing Korean action film The Berlin File in early 2013.

On the 14th November, Yoo Ah In’s agency released a statement that director Ryu Seung Wan offered the proposal when he met with Yoo Ah In at the Busan International Film Festival last month. “Currently Yoo Ah In is reviewing the script, and nothing has been decided yet,” said the rep.


The Veteran (or Veteran) depicts a story about a former detective (Hwang Jung Min) struggling to chase a 3rd generation young tycoon (Yoo Ah In) who apparently has done so many criminal offense and escaped by hiding behind his wealth.

Veteran will reunite Ryu Seung Wan and Hwang Jung Min as well after their last project together in the 2010 movie The Unjust. Filming will start crank in around February or March next year in Mokpo (southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula) and will release by autumn 2014.

The premise of this crime action movie seems interesting to me. Knowing that Yoo Ah In is offered to take on role as a criminal,  I can’t help but think about Sik’s latest tweet~ Maybe it was related to this proposal. The bad isn’t always ugly.

I’m sure he won’t be your regular bad guy. Will this be a Korean version of ‘Catch Me If You Can’? I keep my fingers crossed that he will receive this role 🙂

5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Casts For ‘Veteran’, Special Appearance in ‘Elegant Lies’ Movie”
  1. Laura says:

    Yesss please accept it! I hope this will be the best movie and make a lot of viewers next year 🙂

  2. strawberry says:

    Good news!
    A bit unrelated, but do you know anything about the animation feature with Ah In and Jung Yumi, The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow?
    -두 감독 다 위원장님의 섭외 능력에는 만족하더라.
    에 무려 유아인, 정유미를 캐스팅했다.

    =정유미씨가 된 것만도 좋았는데 정유미씨가 유아인씨까지 소개시켜줬다. 그래도 목소리가 맞을지는 녹음을 해봐야 아는 건데, 해보니 두 사람의 앙상블이 무척 좋더라. 특히 정유미씨는 신마다 연기를 다 준비해왔더라. 놀랐다.

    But it looks like its already out since 2011?


    I’m confused…

    • Furbabe says:

      Hey Strawberry~ Yes I read this news before. It’s a 2011 animation movie and they had this featured in SPP 2011 (Seoul Promotion Plan/cartoon & animation market). But it seems this animation didn’t play on theaters, maybe only for DVD market. That’s why there was not much exposure. We’ll check about it again and will be back for update. Thanks!

  3. mpc226 says:

    Can’t wait to see him act as a hardcore bad guy! He’s gonna be the cutest bad guy ever…woot woot! LoveYOO

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