Yoo Ah In’s Past Directors & Scriptwriter Talk About Him

While we already knew what current directors (Tough As Iron/kangchuli, Jang Ok Jung) said about our talented Sik, it’s really nice to find out what his past directors and scriptwriter think of him too based on their experience working with Yoo Ah In. So here we go with the compilations ^^

Director Noh Dong Seok (Boys of Tomorrow, 2006)

“I decided to cast Yoo Ah In within five minutes of meeting him. I asked him what kind of person he thought Jongdae was. Unlike other actors, who passionately offered their lengthy analyses, he stared out the window for a long time and suddenly said, “He’s sad.” With that one phrase, I felt Jongdae.”

“I fell for Yoo Ah In at first sight. Of course, he also had good looks. But he had an extremely different feel from the other actors whom I had met during casting. Yoo Ah In was nervous when he met me. Before his identity as an actor, he possessed twenty years of his natural self as Yoo Ah In. In contrast to his noticeably good looks, he was filled with a furious energy. When I hear the word ‘youth,’ I think of Yoo Ah In. The true main character of this movie, I think, is [not Jongdae but] Yoo Ah In.”

“His body, which is so skinny it seems that if you turn away for one moment it will turn into a shadow, has until now moved and lived as if it doesn’t want to leave a trace. But once he started talking, the thoughts in his head came out in an overflowing torrent, and his limbs like winter trees stripped of leaves began to fidget.” (Cine21, Nov 2010 issue)

Director Jung Yoon Cheol (Shim’s Family, 2007)

“Yoo Ah In had come to see me in the past to audition for ‘Marathon’, and after his recent performance as Yongtae I had his name marked down. He is an actor with enormous range who can play anything from a young child to a transformed maniacal character, and his face is not only good-looking but also portrays emotions so well that it makes me wonder if he won’t be Korea’s Odagiri Joe.”

Director Min Kyu Dong (Antique, 2008)

“On the one hand, Yoo Ah In was fearsomely experienced. He already knew exactly how to act with rhythm and harmony. He was a true expert. No matter how long his lines were, just one sentence could tell you how good his rhythm was. Most rookie actors wait around for their turn in the script and then get so nervous that they mess up their first lines and everything else completely falls apart, but Yoo Ah In got it done in one stroke of the knife. That’s why I purposefully gave him long sets of lines. He’s an actor whose talent is most evident in long takes and full shots.” (Screen, December 2008 issue)

“When I’m with Ah In and then we part, and he turns and looks back or goes farther away from me, for some reason I end up staring after his receding figure for a long time. The time doesn’t end sharply; it stretches out with a dot, dot, dot like an ellipsis.” (Cine21, Nov 2010 issue)

Director Oh Dal Kyun (Sky and Sea, 2009)

“But I think Yoo Ah In is better than Yoo Seung Ho. Yoo Seung Ho was young in ‘Heart Is’, but Yoo Ah In was already fully an actor, so his level of understanding was higher and, more than anything else, he has a light in his eyes similar to James Dean.”

Director Kim Jung Kyu (Man Who Can’t Get Married, 2009)

Asked twice if there were any young actors for whom he had high expectations, Director Kim chose Yoo Ah In and Kim So Eun. “Their acting skills are better than other actors their age…. Especially Yoo Ah In—-we did just one read-through of the script and I [remember thinking] he was extremely good.”

Writer Kim Tae Heui (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, 2010)

“The most charming character in the book was Geol-oh but I don’t think I’m cut out exactly for portraying such raw and rough male character (laugh). That’s how my Geol-oh is more sensitive and less in words compared to other characters. This combined with additional interpretation of actor Yoo Ah-in who happens to be a very sentimental actor, the Geol-oh in the drama became someone completely different from the original story.” (Hancinema, 2011)

Compiled by세이더jaeshinah, Admin007/Sikseekland
Translated by jaeshinah
 © Yoo Ah In Sikseekland
NOTE: If you find these translations being copied by “Only Yoo Angels (유아인)” facebook (impostor), please report to us. Thank you.
5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In’s Past Directors & Scriptwriter Talk About Him”
  1. mpc226 says:

    For me, he is simply adorable….oozing with sexiness! And his eyes, oh his eyes…will drop you dead!

  2. Thank you for the compilation! I am moved to tears with pride, even though I have read some of the interviews before. I wish him all the very best in his career, for always 🙂

  3. blg says:

    “Korea’s Odagiri Joe” why this is so true.both of them are my favorite actors in their respective countries but i hadnt seen the resemblance till this phrase,silly me…

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