Yoo Ah In is Homeless But Wins 2013 Environmental & Community Award!

photo: Yoo Ah In for I’M DAVID 2013 Winter

So finally the official news is open in the air. Master Sik is “homeless” and “jobless” and free! Errr…. 

No wonder he’s got lots of free time now that he even held a ’10 Minutes Q&A With Fans’ on twitter yesterday morning and updated more on instagram^_^ [translations will come soon]

As we’ve stated before, news has circulated among fans that Yoo Ah In’s contract with his previous agency, StarK Entertainment, has come to an end since last summer. And just yesterday, an entertainment insider confirmed that Yoo Ah In is a free agent at the moment and looking for a new nest.

Yoo Ah In was part of StarK Entertainment for the last eight years. It’s also the home for Jung Il Woo, Kim Ah Jung, and some other well-known Korean celebrities.

It is said that after ‘Tough As Iron’, Yoo Ah In has been receiving more love calls than ever for upcoming films. The insider also told the press that many management companies are in high interest to court Yoo Ah in due to his quite attractive selling points as the hits maker at young age and his status as a top actor through various projects.

So far, Yoo Ah In hasn’t decided yet whether he will re-sign the contract with StarK or find the new home. He just came back from the long vacation overseas, and this will likely be followed by his decision on and discussion about this matter as well as his next project.

Hmm..so Master Sik is a free agent now? Can we apply for manager position so that we can give YOO an intense day-to-day-down-to-the-minute care package? 😀

On a lighter note, great news came last month from Korean Environmental & Community Foundation. Yoo Ah In is awarded ‘The 2013 People Who Made The World Brighter’!

It does seem a prestigious award, judging from all the 22 winners that ranges from famous tvN reality show ‘Grandpa Over Flowers’, to the world’s baseball athlete Ryu Hyun Jin who plays for Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. Check the complete news below~

Congratulations, Master Sik! Keep making the world brighter -AS ALWAYS- where ever you choose to settle down with!

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is Homeless But Wins 2013 Environmental & Community Award!”
  1. Chantira Kalambasuta says:

    Congratulations! YOO are now a free agent, but not for long, I believe! Congratulations also for the award. I think it’s quite meaningful!
    Thank you, dear Furbabe, as always for all the good news! 🙂

  2. mpc226 says:

    Chukae! YOO really deserve this award as YOO have proven to have a great influence towards people esp. the youth! Keep it up!… Thanks admin for the updates, they are the first things that I look whenever I open up mails and it keeps me going! Love YOO!

  3. Furbabe says:

    YOO are welcome guise!! Wishing Sik all the best!

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