Yoo Ah In Signs With Song Hye Gyo & Kang Dong Won’s Agency~ We say yay!


Yoo Ah In finally got a new nest! News broke early in Monday morning that Yoo Ah In has joined Song Hye Gyo‘s and Kang Dong Won‘s agency.

On January 6, the news released that United Artist Agency (UAA) has recently signed an exclusive contract with Yoo Ah In. Numerous industry insiders confirmed that, “After his contract with his former agency expired, Yoo Ah In made his new home at UAA and plans to promote actively.”

Yoo Ah In ended the 10 years exclusive contract with StarK Agency last summer and since then many agencies were in high interest to court him.

UAA is a joint agency with the film distribution company, United Pictures, and the legal firm, The FIRM. Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won are the first two stars joined the agency which just established early 2013.

UAA also signed a joint business agreement with Terence Chang‘s ATN, which is headquartered in Beijing, China, and EFFIGIES, which is headquartered in Paris, France. Not only is the UAA active within Korea but their overseas activities are strong as well. The company provides a system of support for its actors and actresses with promotions in Korea as well as overseas.

It is presumed Yoo Ah In will be able to expand his career through films and dramas not only domestically but internationally as well. So far, the company has been providing full support for Song Hye Gyo activities abroad.

Insiders commented, “The partnership between UAA and Yoo Ah In, who has big interest in film production, will create a positive synergy, and we’re looking forward to the new opportunities. UAA seems to consider highly of Yoo Ah In’s diverse spectrums as a front-runner among the group of actors in their twenties.”

And I said: Yasssss!! Finally a company that is able to support, accommodate and bring his acting talent to the global stage. I had a hunch that he’s been eying the international projects, so choosing UAA is a good decision that he made. Wishing him a good luck for 2014!

PS: This is him today going to London~ More pictures soon 😀

20140106022405_0Source: Naver

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Signs With Song Hye Gyo & Kang Dong Won’s Agency~ We say yay!”
  1. mathed2001 says:

    Really looking forward to more of Ah In’s activities with UAA!!
    Thank you, Furbabe nim~^^

  2. Thank you, Furbabe! ❤ That's very good news! Our star is going real international at a very appropriate time. 🙂

  3. Furbabe says:

    YOO are welcome babes!

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