More Photos of Yoo Ah In for ‘The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow’ Anime

As we’ve reported before that Yoo Ah In lends his voice for his first animation movie The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow’, today the film’s distributor Indie Plug released 2 photos of Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi taking on their first dubbing job, and more still images from the anime itself. Here you go~

Aww…so cute! Fighting!

In his first anime as the voice actor, Yoo Ah In plays as Kyungcheon, a pianist-in-training who loses his heart and becomes a milk cow. He lives as a man during the day, but becomes a milk cow at night and eats grass. Meanwhile, with the help of wizard Merlin, a satellite named Ilho (Jung Yumi) fell from the cosmos by a supernova, is transformed into a girl. One day, Kyungcheon is attacked by members of a secret agency that chases people who lost their heart. Kyungcheon defeats them with the help of Ilho. Following a narrow escape from secret agents, the two mismatched characters come to know about each other’s secrets and draw close.

Yoo Ah In voices for The Cow 😀

Director Jang Hyung-yoon to 10Asia explained that, “With her usual image and voice tone, we offered the satellite girl character to Jung Yumi and she accepted the role at once. And she recommended Yoo Ah In as the boy’s role and he also willingly joined the movie. When we did the script reading together before recording, we were so glad that the movie’s characters and two actors match so well.”

The movie, which came to finally hit the screen after five years’ production period, is the first feature animation of director Jang who swept local animation awards with his short animations “Wolf Daddy” and “A Coffee Vending Machine and its Sword.”

‘The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow’ sets to open in the local theaters next month.

Again, Just.Can’t.Wait. 🙂

Photos: Indie Plug


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