[Update] More Characters for Yoo Ah In’s Secret Love Affair: Tokyo Tower Remake?

As March is getting closer, more actors join the casting line and new characters added for JTBC new drama ‘Secret Love Affair’ (working title).

Previously I said that this drama had similar story to that of Japanese drama ‘Long Vacation’, but having a new character -that is a husband of Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae)- I’m sure this is instead a Korean remake of the 2005 Japanese film ‘Tokyo Tower’ (Junichi Okada, Hitomi Kuroki, Jun Matsumoto). A rep from Yoo Ah In’s agency also happened to say that Yoo Ah In agreed to play in this drama because he already liked the novel version of Tokyo Tower (written by popular Japanese novelist Kaori Ekuni).

Senior actress Shim Hye Jin (Sincerity Moves Heaven) will take on role as Kim Hee Ae’s rival in career and the second wife of her father (eww that sucks!), while actress Kim Hye Eun (Gold Rainbow) will play as Kim Hee Ae’s best friend.

Senior actor Park Hyuk Kwon (Horse Doctor) will be Kim Hee Ae’s caring husband, and yet possibly the biggest threat for this forbidden relationship. Park Hyuk Kwon and Yoo Ah In have played together in ‘Boys of Tomorrow’ and ‘Antique Bakery’ movie, so this is going to be their third reunion and first drama together.

Kyung Soo Jin

Meanwhile, 2013 KBS Drama winner Kyung Soo Jin (That Winter The Wind Blows, Eun Hee) is cast as Yoo Ah In’s high school classmate. Kyung Soo Jin will take on role as a single-minded but cheerful Park Dami who has a crush on Lee Soon Jae (Yoo Ah In). Hmm… she could be the one who sets the fire and blows the situation to its worse, duncha think?

The fact that Oh Hye Won is a married woman in an “excellent marriage”, escalates the conflict, which brings up not only about the huge age gap issue, but also infidelity in marriage. Will the story resolve the matter neatly, or just spark a controversy? We’ll have to wait and see.

‘Secret Love Affair’ set to première in mid March on JTBC cable channel.

[Update 01/21] Two young talented pianists Shin Ji Ho and Jin Bora also confirm to join the drama. Check the news out~


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4 Responses to “[Update] More Characters for Yoo Ah In’s Secret Love Affair: Tokyo Tower Remake?”
  1. Laura says:

    This is getting interesting! I have yet to watch the Japan version I guess. Thanks for the news!

    • Furbabe says:

      I have watched it and I must say I like the woman’s character but I’m not quite fond of the guy because he’s too passive. But again, maybe because he’s still very young and never in love before.

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