Sutei’s Report on Yoo Ah In JACK&JILL Fan Signing Event in Icheon 140118

Hello everyone,

As you all know, Yoo Ah In recently had his last JACK&JILL fan signing event in Icheon on January 18th. Our lovely follower on twitter, Sutei-san, attended the event. Before leaving Japan to fly to Seoul, Sutei-san contacted Moodangkaolad, she’s both our and her dear friend, and said that she would like to deliver her message to Ah In. Moodang asked if one message can be delivered on behalf of SIKseekers too, and Sutei-san said yes!

Since we didn’t have much time, we wrote a simple short letter in a plain paper and emailed the letter to Sutei-san. However, kindhearted Sutei-san put cute accessories on our plain paper and framed it nicely after she printed it!ย  Here’s our letter to Yoo Ah In~

In addition to that, at the fan signing event Sutei-san delivered our letter, and even got Ah In’sย signature for SikSeekers! That was beyond our expectation, because we were afraid she had not much time to ask for it. But she did it! Here’s Yoo Ah In’s signature for us SIKseekers~ ๐Ÿ˜€

He wrote: “to seekers” ๐Ÿ˜€

Below is her detailed description of the event.

The signing event took place at JACK&JILL store in the Lotte Outlet of Icheon.ย  It is about one and a half hours away from Seoul by car.

This time, I went to the event with my mother. (Since we canโ€™t speak Korean, we went there with a Korean & Japanese speaking guide.)

All the participants for the event waited in line in front of the JACK&JILL store.

Many people who didnโ€™t have tickets for the event also showed up just to get a glimpse of Yoo Ah In.

The atmosphere around the store became anxious.ย  It was due to the strengthened security for a big crowd of people in order to avoid any accident.

Although many people expected that Yoo Ah In would come in from the front door of the store and held their camera still there, he came in from a side door.

The crowd went crazy and screamed on the appearance of Yoo Ah In!

We were standing at the beginning of the waiting line.

Only 5 people at a time can be in the store where Yoo Ah In is sitting.

My mother, our guide, and I went into the store together. (OMG! My heartbeat rate went up!)

Our guide went in first with his new JACK&JILLโ€™s winter coat on and got a signature from Yoo Ah In. (He actually bought the coat and some clothes at the store before the event with us. He is very funny.)

Next is my motherโ€™s turn.

At first, Yoo Ah In, with his big smile, accepted a small candy bouquet that my mother handed over.

It was a reunion since she met him during the visit of the โ€œJang Ok Jungโ€ filming sites tour last May.

In fact, my mother has a heart problem. And she had a pacemaker implant last October.

She said to Yoo Ah In, โ€œI worked hard to maintain my health every day in order to come to Korea to see you, Yoo Ah In-san. You are my motivation in life!โ€

When our guide translated what she said in Korean, not only Yoo Ah In but also staff members and SP nodded heartily and went โ€œAh~~~. (Oh~, I see.) โ€. (Korea is known as a country of Confucianism and very senior-friendly.)

Then, my mother shook her hand with Yoo Ah In!

I was next to my mother. I handed over Yoo Ah In a message from SIKseekers that I got from my oversea friend.

โ€œI brought you a message from SIKseekers, Yoo Ah In international fans community. Please give your signature to them as well!โ€œ, Our guide translated what I said in Korean.

When Yoo Ah In heard about it, his eyes were wide open, and read the message attentively!

His reaction was really cute. ^^

Lastly, I gave him letters from Japanese fans to Yoo Ah In.

All the letters I collected from my blog friends were put in a beautiful box and I brought it with me.

I opened the box in front of Yoo Ah In and told him โ€œThese are messages from Japanese YAI fans.โ€

He looked into the box and said โ€œWooow~.โ€ with his cute big smile.

In the end, when I gave him a present, he looked at the bag and went โ€œAh!!โ€ as if he recognized it.

Actually, I visited his new office the day before the event and delivered a present for Yoo Ah Inโ€™s 10 years anniversary of his acting career to a staff. Since I use the same bag, it seemed that he remembered it.

Although he does not remember my face, he recognizes the bag. And that made me really happy.

This was the first fan-signing event after he changed to the new agent. It seems to me that he was a bit quitter than usual โ€ฆ he was not cheerful as before โ€ฆat this event, he just gave his signature, shook hand with fans and chatted a bit. On the whole, the event was carried out in a very calm atmosphere.

Still, my mother and I were able to use our time long enough to express loves from both Japanese and International fans to Yoo Ah In.

Since we spent a bit more time than other people, it seemed that the staff really wanted us to leave the signing table in the end (LoL).

I apologized to other people who were behind us since we took a bit longer than usual.

The signing event was finished in about 1 hour.

Yoo Ah In left the store quickly with the security guards and staffs.

It is not clear in the photo. But the guy who stood next to Yoo Ah In is his new manager from the agent.

Our guide talked with the manager and found out that the present I brought over a day before to the office was already given to Yoo Ah In.

To avoid any misunderstanding, let me clarify about the signatures that I got from Yoo Ah In at this event โ€ฆ

Although my mother and I got the tickets and participated the signing event, we did not get the signature for her and myself.

I got Yoo Ah Inโ€™s signature for โ€œJapanese Fansโ€ by using my ticket.

Since my mother got a signature from Yoo Ah In for herself before, she kindly offered her ticket for SIKseekers. She said โ€œLetโ€™s get a signature for SIKseekers this time because I think it will be a great memory for them!โ€ So she got Yoo Ah Inโ€™s signature for SIKseekers by using her ticket.

This was Yoo Ah In’s last fan signing event of JACK&JILL because his contract with the company will be expired soon โ€ฆ

Yoo Ah In has carried out many fan signing events with JACK&JILL. Maybe because this is the last signing event, he also might feel a bit lonely?

We only decided to attend this fan-signing event about a week ago. Although it was a very tight schedule to prepare this trip such as booking the flight and hotels along with my work, it was blissful that I joined the fan-signing event and met Yoo Ah In.

Thank you very much for reading my report!



Many many thanks, Sweet Sutei and your lovely mom!! ~

And thanks so much to Moodangkaolad for keep connecting us with Sutei-san during this event, also kuku8122 for translating Sutei-san’s story from Japanese into English for us ^_^

Sutei-san also took some photos and a video of Yoo Ah In at this event and shared with us. Check them out~

Yoo Ah In’s giant banner in front of JACK&JILL store in Icheon where the fansigning took place

Yoo Ah In’s pictures inside JACK&JILL store in Icheon where the fansigning took place

Yoo Ah In’s pictures inside JACK&JILL store in Icheon where the fansigning took place

Yoo Ah In’s desk and chair inside JACK&JILL store in Icheon where the fansigning took place

Yoo Ah In laughing together with fan at the fansigning ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the fancam taken by Sutei~


Video from JACK&JILL blog~

And here are some more photos from JACK&JILL Fansigning Event from JACK&JILL blog and JJIGAE blog.

Holding a bouquet of “Chup-A-Chups” Lollipops from K-fan^^

For more photos, please check our Facebook in ‘JACK&JILL Fansigning Event 140118’ Album.

4 Responses to “Sutei’s Report on Yoo Ah In JACK&JILL Fan Signing Event in Icheon 140118”
  1. Furbabe says:

    Thank YOO sooooo much Sutei-san and mom! That’s very kind of you~ Wishing you and especially your mother a good health! Yayyyy so happy with YAI’s signature and writing! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. mpc226 says:

    Thanks Furbabe for sharing this! And, of course, our warmest thanks to Sutei-san and her mom! It was very sweet specially of Sutei-san’s mom for giving Sikseekers the chance to have YAI’s signature! So happy for this, even if we’re not present at that event it’s as if we were there watching this whole thing with all those photos & video footages, not to mention the signature of Master Sik for all his Sikseekers! Thanks everyone! LoveYOO!

  3. Laura says:

    Uwaaahhh daebak SIKseekers!! So proud being the part of this group ~โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†

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