Yoo Ah In Considers Another 2014 Movie “Hundred Years War”

War_featureYoo Ah In and PD Min Kyu Dong on SBS Power FM Cinetown, July 2013

As if cooking 2 projects in 2014 (Veteran, Secret Love Affair) are not enough for Master Sik, the movie industry insiders told the press today that Yoo Ah In is in talks for another film this year, ‘백년전쟁’ or ‘Hundred Years War’ (working title).

All About My Wife‘s director Min Kyu Dong will carry the megaphone, and the movie will be produced by Lotte Entertainment. PD Min Kyu Dong and Yoo Ah In have worked together in ‘Antique’ movie (2008), and they became friends since then.

‘Hundred Years War’ depicts a story about political activities of a special committee in support of liberation post Japanese occupation. Sounds like an interesting issue!

Yoo Ah In received the casting offer last year but only recently made up his mind to go for it. UAA rep stated that at the moment he’s still reviewing the script and going over the details before signing the contract.

As he confirmed for the villain role in ‘Veteran’ movie and a pianist in JTBC’s drama ‘Love Affair’ -both start shooting next month- this could be a helluva crazy schedule for Sik if he receives ‘Hundred Years War’ proposal.

On the other hand, I’m totally happy with more projects coming in for our Sik! It’s a horse year after all~ work hard, play hard!

Meanwhile, his two wrapped projects ‘The Satellite Girl And Milk Cow’ will be down in cinema February 20, and ‘Elegant Lies’ in March. Fighting!

Source: Mydaily

Photo: SBS FM

2 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Considers Another 2014 Movie “Hundred Years War””
  1. mpc226 says:

    More projects means more visibility for our Master Sik…and good for us! Woot woot! Keep fighting YAI……

  2. strawberry says:

    take it! take it! take it!

    Um…PD Min is cute

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