Yoo Ah In Instagram Updates & Translations 2014.01.25

A month after his “twitter party”, Yoo Ah In popped up again on his Instagram (and Facebook) account, January 25, and posted 2 photos. The first one is a picture of a board filled with repeated Hangeul words on it. And he wrote, “그래도 된대요” on the caption.

Here is the picture with translations of the Hangeul words on the big board~

And here’s what Master Sik said, or rather, his respond to the words written on the board~

What he said indicates that he agrees with what the picture is saying. I guess after all, whether we choose to change things or not, the decision goes back to ourselves.

His fans in DC JOJ guessed it right about the location of the photo that was taken. It was a cafébook [or a bookstore with a café inside] in Seoul. In front of the building, there stood the same board as seen in Ah In’s picture~

After that, Yoo Ah In posted his own selca with Hangeul caption 아 씨 유” which means: “I see you” if we pronounce it in English ^^

I see YOO too, Master Sik! :p

Our Mathed nim said that his selfie looks artistic, and if we look very closely it feels that we can almost see what he’s looking at in the reflection in his eyes. We can feel that he’s indeed looking at us too ^^

I think this is not his new selfie, because in this photo his hair still looks short, whilst in JACK&JILL fansigning event last week his hair has grown longer than that.

PS: Nice eyebrows, Master Sik 🙂 More selfies, pretty please?

Translated by © Little Birdie, Mathed and Furbabe


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