Yoo Ah In Turns to A Modest Student in ‘Love Affair’ First Stills

Brand new still images of Yoo Ah In’s first day of filming for ‘Secret Love Affair’ were released today. And boy, after all my grief on his ‘too short haircut’, I’m so relieved he’s back to his normal hair in these pictures!

Cute! (Photos: JTBC)

Yoo Ah In draws attention on his first day of ‘Secret Love Affair’ drama shooting, February 5, as a lively charming student. The shooting took place in a restaurant in Euljiro and a school in Incheon for two days in a row from dusk till down.

In his first scenes that these pictures show, Lee Seon Jae (Yoo Ah In), who at first doesn’t aware of his innate musical talent, is going to submit his application for college school of music admission after Kim Hee Ae and Park Hyuk Kwon Couple find his hidden talent. However, his encounter with Kim Hee Ae (plays as Oh Hye Won) will get them involved into a dangerous romance.

Here’s another photo of Yoo Ah In shooting inside the restaurant (or convenience store?) late at night on 5th February.

Having some touch up before shooting (Source: 송원섭)

In the picture above he’s wearing a vest like a deliveryman. Hmm..now I’m guessing he’s a poor student taking a side job, no?

On the first day of shooting Yoo Ah In took the scene together with Kyung Su Jin whose character gets a crush on him. The drama spoke person reported that despite their first meeting, Yoo Ah In and Kyung Su Jin got along well and joked around with the drama crews in friendly atmosphere.

Yoo Ah In talked like a chirping bird off the screen, but when the camera started rolling, he transformed into a delicate and bright 20 years old man in a blink of eyes. To match the character, Yoo Ah In changed his appearance, took off his reputable fashionista self-representation for a modest casual look: jacket, jumper and jeans. So, yeah he’s not The Heir-isque way of student.

According to the drama staff, Yoo Ah In has been working since Lunar New Year’s holidays. He took his scenes till 2 am in the morning. During the filming, when he was not acting, Yoo Ah In would review his scenes through director’s camera and discuss them with PD Ahn Pan Seok vigorously. Of couse, as we expect from a professional actor like Master Sik! The crews praised Yoo Ah In as very easy to work with and a good method actor as well.

‘Secret Love Affair’ is a love story between a 40 year-old successful married woman and a 20 year-old genius pianist. Sets to première March 17, 10 pm on JTBC cable channel.

Source: Naver

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3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Turns to A Modest Student in ‘Love Affair’ First Stills”
  1. Laura says:

    LOVE THIS! My excitement towards this drama is escalating! Hope it’s a real good one because cable channels are not ratings slave. So the writer can fully create a good story without pressure.

  2. Miko says:

    I expect that I ‘m looking forward to seeing Yoo AIN in this drama v(^v^)v~♥  

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