Boyish Yoo Ah In Cozying Up in “Secret Love Affair” Poster Shoot

Boy oh boy~ look at him cozying up in noona’s embrace. We’d better brace ourselves too, SIKseekers, because this noona-dongsaeng’s chemistry is going to be totally off the roof!

After releasing the first still images of Yoo Ah In’s first day of filming for ‘Secret Love Affair’ last week, today JTBC came up with some other “breathtakingly intense” of Secret Love Affair poster-shooting photos.  Squeeee!

JTBC rep said the poster shoot took place in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, February 7. Kim Hee Ae arrived on the set in modest attire earlier than the schedule, while Yoo Ah In came up later and greeted all the staff brightly.

Yoo Ah In looked freakin’ young in black-white suits~ because he’s a pianist-student, I guess. Kim Hee Ae looked super elegant all in black. The photographer crews turned on the classical music on the background during the poster shoot, in order to build a graceful atmosphere.

The staff said that at first both Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae looked very intense (ooh..was it too hot there?), until they threw a little joke to break the ice. The poster shoot flew in earnest, friendly and light ambiance for the rest of the time. Yoo Ah In immersed in his character immediately~ as a passionate, pure and bright young Lee Seon Jae.

And guess what next? Expect for the kiss, everyone!

When the shooting arrived on the concept of having kiss in slow motion, they suggested to take a break to prepare for it. Hoookay~ tell me how to prepare for THAT! *fans self*

But since Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In had quirky sense of humor, the scene was filled with full of laughter. Yoo Ah In jokingly said, “Do I need a rehearsal? Let’s just get it down and over with!” ~which made all people burst to a big laughter. Dang, Master Sik you’re such a big tease! *dies*

seriously evaluating his own scene

According to the rep, Secret Love Affair poster will have two taglines which going to be like these~ “I want to be with her” – Lee Seon Jae. “I want that man” – Oh Hye Won.

Uhm..I want to be with Sik, can I? *bricks*

‘Secret Love Affair’ is a love story of a 40-something successful woman and a 20-something genius pianist. Sets to première March 17, 9:50 PM KST, on JTBC cable channel.

listening to photo director

Check more behind-the-scenes and shooting photos in our Facebook in “Secret Love Affair – Drama 2014” Album.

Translated by Furbabe

Source: Newsen, photos: JTBC

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6 Responses to “Boyish Yoo Ah In Cozying Up in “Secret Love Affair” Poster Shoot”
  1. miran says:

    Urghhhhhhh shes so lucky !!!!!!!!no matter what, i love u ah in…eventho im a bit distracted with do manager at the moment hehe

    • Laura says:

      lol~ I’m distracted by DO manager too but he’s an alien and belongs to a huge star. So let me have Ah In all for myself! 😀

  2. mpc226 says:

    Can’t wait for this….am so excited to see Master Sik act again! And am so in love with those still shot of him looking so boyish…so yummyyyyy……..

  3. Mariana says:

    I’m SO giddy looking at these pictures ♥ YAI looks so young with short hair, his face looks innocent! He can play piano, but I heard his hands while playing the instrument will be replaced by a real pianist’s hands. Hehehe..

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