Yoo In Young, Jang Yoon Ju Join Yoo Ah In And Hwang Jung Min in Veteran

Yoo In Young

Actress Yoo In Young (You Who Came From Another Star) and entertainer Jang Yoon Ju (Korea’s Next Top Model judge) join the casting line as the women of Yoo Ah In and Hwang Jung Min in upcoming movie Veteran.


Yoo In Young confirms on the 14th that she will take part on this movie, although there’s not much information yet about her character description. Meanwhile, Jang Yoon Ju rep states she’s highly considering the role of a female detective, as Hwang Jung Min’s partner.


Directed by Ryoo Seung Wan of the 2013 box office hit ‘The Berlin File’, Veteran depicts a story of a detective (Hwang Jung Min) tracks down a wicked third generation plutocrat (Yoo Ah In) who commits many criminal offense and escapes by hiding behind his wealth.


Yoo Ah In & Hwang Jung Min (hancinema)

Veteran will start shooting in March in Mokpo (southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula) after it finishes gathering all the supporting casts.


A completely full-packed schedule for Yoo Ah In upcoming months ahead, as he’ll be in the middle of Secret Love Affair shooting as well. On the upside, the network has confirmed that this drama will only run for 16 episodes. So he will have full-time for Veteran sooner after the drama ends.


Veteran is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2015.


Source: OBS, Nate


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