[VIDEO & PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In is Sizzling Hot in Love Affair Poster Shoot Video

Good Lord! I’m a certified happy noona! This is too hot to handle but not something unpredictable. Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae are turning up the heat and prove they pull their chemistry off the chart even when the show hasn’t begun yet!

Having released the poster shoot photos several days ago, JTBC Hot Entertainment News aired a special segment of Secret Love Affair poster shoot last night. And boy oh boy, I’m giddy watching Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae in an almost-kiss moment. Check the video out~

Yoo Ah In – Love Affair Poster Shoot

Yummy gif~

Here go sexy screencaps for the up and down scrolls~ Rawwr!

Supah hawttt!

Yoo Ah In oozes a charismatic manchild and sex appeal despite playing a subordinate part by her side, while Kim Hee Ae shows that she’s the one who’s in charge here in a Madame Bovary way. Yeah she’s the boss, and that’s sexy. It’s a fatal attraction feels and I love et!

TheΒ  production team decides to air the drama for only 16 episodes. The downside: we won’t have enough of Master Sik’s sexiness in our small screen *pouts*. The upside: Yoo Ah In will have more time to focus on his next movie Veteran which will start cranking in next month.

Secret Love Affair first episode will be airing March 17 on cable network JTBC.

Check out more hot screencaps in our Facebook in “Secret Love Affair – Drama 2014” Album.

10 Responses to “[VIDEO & PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In is Sizzling Hot in Love Affair Poster Shoot Video”
  1. Laura says:

    asdfjklasdfglmnopgkqwrth!!!! SQUEEEEEEEAAALLLLLLL!!!

  2. miran says:

    Seeing him like this..u know so hot n sexy..i really wish rumours of him being g is not true at all.

  3. Shas says:

    SO essssiiiiteddddd!!!!!

  4. Sammy says:

    excuse me@ it seems that the video died…anyone can repost it please:)

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