Yoo Ah In Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Updates 15~19 February 2014 & Translations

Seems Master Sik had some break in the middle of his drama shooting that we saw some “life signs” on his twitter and instagram accounts. He even tagged one of his previous photos on his facebook account with…his own name! Not only that, we found out later that he already tagged most of his photos before too. Considering he’s got no friends (or doesn’t want to make friend, to be exact) there, this is downright hilarious ๐Ÿ˜€


First, on the 15th February, Yoo Ah In was online on twitter, only to mention @vinehelp …without any words. He probably was gonna ask for some help but decided to back up. But since I’m a good person, I gave him the link to contact Vine directly (as if he would read my tweet. Yeah…).


Next on the 17th of Monday morning, he popped up again flaunting his saccharine smile and greeted us all a “good morning” in both facebook and instagram~ though it was already 11.35 AM out there :p

Here you can see the background that seems like a library. Hmm…Master Sik, is that yours at your home or were you in a public library? Guess I need to drop by your crib just to check on it. *winks*


But! Before that, he already posted a photo of, apparently, a novel with hashtag #์žํ•™์˜์‹œ which means ‘Happily Ever After’.


Now, the novel is originally a famous and pretty unconventional Japanese manga with title ‘่‡ช่™ใฎ่ฉฉ’ (Jigyaku no uta) or ‘Happily Ever After’ Vol.1 by Yoshiie Goda.

(cr: DC YAI)


The manga has been adapted to a movie in Japan in 2007 (casts: Hiroshi Abe and Miki Natakani), and it earned good critics. It’s a dark comedy with a lot of slow motion dramatic angry table flipping, but it’s really good. Read the movie review here.

Happily Ever After movie poster (cr: jigyaku.com)


And on February 19, after the media broke the news about him preparing for military service, Yoo Ah In tweeted the link to a video page where we can see all videos from Jimmy Kimmel Live – Celebrity Read Mean Tweets. You can find the videos on Youtube too. Watch them, they’re really funny ๐Ÿ˜€

It did seem that Yoo Ah In was watching the shows and he just chuckled at the videos that he watched :p


We assumed Yoo Ah In read the netizens’ comments and reactions towards his getting accepted into Seoul Police Special Promotions Unit. And since he’s just as quirky as most of those people in the videos, he might just laughed them off. He’s not the kind of people who get so work up easily reading the negative backlash and insults, after all.


Now here are all the photos that Yoo Ah In aka Master Sik tagged on with his own name! I guess he thinks tagging means fave-ing, just like how we favorite tweets on twitter. As if tagging himself in his own facebook photos -having not a single friend- still not funny enough,ย  him tagging his name just everywhere on his body cracks us up!

So there you go~ our Mr. Quirky! Happy weekend, SIKseekers~^^


Translated by Furbabe

ยฉ Yoo Ah In Sikseekland International Fans Community


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  1. Laura says:

    Hahaha he’s got a quirky personality n sense of humor for real

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