Sikseekers’ Duel Project – Movie VIP Press Premiere & Birthday Celebration Report

Hi SikSeekers~ remember SIKseekers’s Duel Project – Movie VIP Press Premiere & Birthday Celebration? Here’s our final report for this project!

For this project, SikSeekLand joined force with AINzone (Ah In Korean fans in Daum Cafe), and Japanese Fans again to raise money to help in preparing for Yoo Ah In’s Tough As Iron Movie VIP Press Premiere Event and Ah In’s birthday greetings/presents. With all the fund that were collected, we were able to accomplish what we planed for both events – Movie VIP Press Premiere and Birthday Celebration.

First, let’s take a look at what we did at the Tough As Iron Movie VIP Press Premiere.  A banner with all three fandoms’ names and gift bags were prepared at the press conference 25th September 2013. The mug in the gift bag is made quite nicely and the cute banner graphic was designed by the Japanese fan.

Below are some photos taken at the press conference venue, Wangsimni (cr. blue earth★)

Miyuki & Koume - 1

Here is a closer look at the banner and goodie bags~

Miyuki & Koume - 2

Miyuki & Koume - 3

Miyuki & Koume - 4

Miyuki & Koume - 5

Also some more photos taken at the press conference venue, Wangsimni by AINzone

Actor Lee Si Yeon posed while holding our goodie bag! 😀 (cr. Lee Si Yeon’s twitter)

Here is a look at the mug (cr. as posted in the pics)

Mug 1 Mug 2

And now, let’s take a look at what we did for Yoo Ah In’s Birthday Celebration. A very nice piece of artwork designed by Furbabe nim was made and delivered to him by AncientKingdom nim.  In addition to the artwork, a bottle of Ah In’s favorite wine was presented as well.

Art 1

Here’s a closer look of the art work, all fundraiser’s names are in it with their birthday wishes to Ah In~


Ah In’s favorite wine~

Dom Perignon Vintage 2003 Wine box

The look inside the box

The wine was wrapped nicely~

Besides Yoo Ah In’s Japanese and Korean fans, a total of 41 SikSeekers from France, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, UK, Ukraine, and US participated for this project!!  We managed to raise KRW 1,199,000  (approximately $1,128) for this duel project! Here are the name of all the fundraisers [you can check them here too] and the financial report~

Financial report

Receives (in KRW):

Total receives from Paypal                             1,090,127

Total receives from Western Union                      50,000

Total cash receives from Korea                            58,873

Total donations                                        1,199,000

Payments (in KRW):

To AINzone (for banners & goodie bags)           800,000

Frame for artwork                                             64,000

Wine                                                              335,000

Total payment                                           1,199,000       

Thank you all! There are more SikSeekers from all different places over the world participated with us this time!! Love our SikSeekers’ family 😀

We give our Top 3 Donations some giveaways as a token of our appreciation. Here they are~

#1 Primie (United Kingdom) receives Yoo Ah In’s THE CLASS Summer Booklet, JACK&JILL Postcard, Wandeugi (Punch) Film Flyer, and Fashion King Name Card Holder originally from Korea and Japan


#2 4everyoo (Singapore) receives Yoo Ah In’s THE CLASS Summer Booklet, Wandeugi (Punch) Film Flyer and JACK&JILL Postcards originally from Korea and Japan

#3 Moodangkaolad (Thailand) receives Yoo Ah In’s THE CLASS Summer Booklet

Below is the list of our lovely key coordinators from each region. Without your help, we would not be able to carry this project out so nicely. Thank you~

Europe Region: @LilLeiarn 

Indonesia: @Sweetgodzilla

Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam@AshaSummer@kuku8122 and @witty_wida 

Myanmar: @mochimochila

Philippines: @kitsuneMD

Thailand: @bluesherbet_

A special thank to Furbabe nim who designed the beautiful artwork which includes all our wishes to Ah In!  And she also helped me in making this report post as well~*hug*~

In addition, all this would not take place if I don’t have my dear friend, AncientKingdom nim’s help!! She served as our key coordinator in Korea to make this happened.

If any of you did not have a chance to participate with us on this event, please keep your eyes on us and hopefully you can join us for our next project!! Fighting, SIKseekers!

8 Responses to “Sikseekers’ Duel Project – Movie VIP Press Premiere & Birthday Celebration Report”
  1. Cecile lumer says:

    I am interested in how the showing went for the striking workers on the 16th. Also, the opening o. The 20th

    • Laura says:

      I’m sure this project is for ‘Tough As Iron’ movie that was premiered October 2013. You must be talking about anime movie Satellite Girl And Milk Cow, which is a different subject.

      Anyway, congratulationssss SIKseekers!

  2. Furbabe says:

    Thank YOO so much everyone! Thanks a lot Mathed nim and AK unnie~ we did it!! YAY!

  3. Thank you so much, Furbabe, Mathed nim, and AK nim! ❤ Your efforts are highly appreciated! (I can see my greetings for YAI in your artwork too! Thanks a lot, dear Furbabe! It's such a great artwork well and truly! ❤

  4. mpc226 says:

    Chukae for a job well done! Thanks for all ur hard works! More power! Love Yoo guys!

  5. Reblogged this on Call me '____zilla' and commented:

    Happy and glad participated in this project

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