Secret Love Affair Drops Sizzling Hot Character Posters & Second Teaser

After the first three alluring teaser videos revealed last week, JTBC just dropped both the character posters and the 30-second teaser trailer of the upcoming drama Secret Love Affair today, which scream mellow, bothered and hotness emotions all over the places too.

(credit: jTBC)

The character posters are drawn in luxurious light wine and beige colors with a subtle background. While Kim Hee Ae (as Oh Hye Won) is longing for something/someone with lingering and depressing looks (oh no, a wedding ring in sight!), Yoo Ah In (as Lee Sun Jae) looks at another direction in anguish and devastated feeling as well. Oooh it’s gonna be a painful yet guilty pleasure journey for sure.

Here’s the 2nd teaser trailer of the drama~ Yoo Ah In playing the piano! (plus the almost-kiss scene!)

Once again: feels the heat, the tension, the rawrrr! The gloom and the sadness hanging in the air :’)

Some screencaps of hottie pianist Sik ensue~

(More screencaps are in our Facebook album)

Oddly enough, QTV also broadcast the drama teaser trailer, only with different version called “Sun Jae version”. Here you go~

Here are the screencaps by DC~

Yamaha and Secret Love Affair sharing campaign~ So classy!

Source: JTBC

Now here are two photos of Secret Love Affair poster shoot, which also have the rawrrr factor!

(credit: 박인ㅅㅜ)

Yoo Ah In sitting on the floor, while Kim Hee Ae either sitting on the couch or lying in bed, feels like channeling a metaphor of their position in society and social status gap.

The posters and teasers indicate that Oh Hye Won is the one taking control in their relationship because she has more power, she’s more mature than Lee Sun Jae, and she knows what she wants.

Oh Hye Won is a competent and refined career woman. She works in a prestigious field, she’s rich and she has a perfect marriage and husband that her circle might envy. On the other hand, Lee Sun Jae is just a poor struggling pianist. He’s genius, but still he’s young, poor, powerless, and doesn’t even aware of his talent. In contrast to all aspects of and the barriers caused by their position, they can’t escape the sparks of love when it hits like thunder. I can imagine the backlash they will get once the affair opens up in the air.

If Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms affair was a sizzling mess, Oh Hye Won and Lee Sun Jae’s seems to repeat their story all over again, only in different time and place. I just hope Lee Sun Jae won’t do the same mistake as Brahms did and forever regretted in the end.

Secret Love Affair is directed by A Wife’s Credentials successful team PD Ahn Pan Suk and writer Jung Sung Joo. If you have watched this drama, you’ll get the picture of how messy an affair can get when society involves.

Secret Love Affair premieres March 17, 9:50 PM on jTBC cable network.

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Source: tvdaily, star

3 Responses to “Secret Love Affair Drops Sizzling Hot Character Posters & Second Teaser”
  1. Laura says:

    Wowww totally hot!!! So much passion and lust in 30 seconds!

  2. Mariana says:

    Wonderful posters and teaser, can’t get enough of this. March 17 is just 2 weeks away and I’m thrillingly excited!

  3. sarrie says:

    Yoo ah in’s expressive eyes is to die for.. waiting for this drama to air..

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