[PHOTOS & INTERVIEWS] Yoo Ah In Gives Viewers A Breath in Elegant Lies, First Stills Released

As the première date is coming closer, Elegant Lies has been making some marketing activities, from trailer release, production press conference and press movie première on Feb 18 and Feb 25, to MBC Section TV on March 2 with Kim Hee Ae, Go Ah Song, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hyang Gi, and director Lee Han.


We already knew that Yoo Ah In will make a special appearance in this movie, and now more information around his character is revealed during the promotional events. First off, here are five official stills of Yoo Ah In in Elegant Lies. Can’t help but laugh at his long messy curly hair and quirky persona 😀 


credit: 출처씨집홈피

Some funny screencaptures and a gif from SBS Movie Weekend, March 1~

credit: DC


Elegant Lies tells a story of a teen girl (Go Ah Sung) in finding the  truth behind the death of her 14 years old sister (Kim Hyang Gi), which later revealed that she was the victim of a school bullying (lead by Kim Yoo Jung), while her mother (Kim Hee Ae) overcoming the loss of the daughter by lying to herself that everything is alright.


Yoo Ah In takes on role of a peculiar bachelor next door Choo Sang Bak. He is quirky and seems living in his own world. However, Kim Hee Ae said  he’s not just your ordinary special appearance, instead he will make a big surprise in the movie. “It’s not easy to digest Yoo Ah In’s role, but he will make a big impact to the story. Yoo Ah In shows a completely different character in this movie. He’s the hidden card.”


It only took one week for Yoo Ah In to film his own scene, but Kim Hee Ae said in that short period they had a lot of fun. “Yoo Ah In is really attractive, and he had a very nice hair too. I had fun shooting with him, just like when we are shooting our drama [Secret Love Affair] now.”

Director Lee Han said when he wrote the scenario of Choo Sang Bak’s comical character, he already had Yoo Ah In in his mind. He and Yoo Ah In have been friends since the 2011 Wandeugi (Punch) movie. 

“I asked Yoo Ah In to play this character, and he said yes without hesitation. I felt really grateful,” said PD Han. Elegant Lies is a downright heavy and sad story. The character that Yoo Ah In plays is created to ease up the tension. He’s there so that viewers can have a moment to catch their breath,” he added.

Go Ah Song told another story behind the scene which brought a surprise to many. While in this movie Yoo Ah In plays as ‘John Doe’ ahjussi next door, they both have a rather similar relationship or situation in real life.

“Actually I and Yoo Ah In oppa are familiar to each other. Yoo Ah In was actually my neighbor oppa of five years. Our families often met and we became acquainted with each other. It’s been a long time since the last time we met. But those were really good old days,” said Go Ah Sung.

“We met again for the first time right at the shooting location and I felt a bit awkward. Yoo Ah In oppa accosted me first and said, ‘Ah Song-ee, you’re playing this little girl? Aiyaa…You’ve gone this far. Nice.’ And he went out. I knew from the tone that he was joking. But I shouted at him, ‘What do you mean?’ And I playfully hit him”, she laughed. “He’s still the same oppa I used to know and I wasn’t awkward anymore.”

Aww…that’s cute!

Elegant Lies to première nationwide March 13.

Translated by Furbabe & Jay 

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  1. Laura says:

    Aww… Go Ah song’s story is cute.. He seems a nice oppa to her

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