[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In is Etheral for 2014 SS Mise En Scene Pictorials in W Korea

Yoo Ah In and Shin Min Ah revealed art-like photo shoot. The two recently filmed a photo shoot with the fashion magazine W Korea with the haircare brand mise en scene to introduce the hair trend for this upcoming spring-summer. With aesthetic touch, artistic background and outfits, the pictorial creates a unique space-drift atmosphere.  This photo shoot can be found in the March edition of W Korea website as well. Let’s check the dolled up Master Sik out one by one~


Neat and feminine lines of hair texture is a trend for this season. Boyish-looking short cut are very popular. Therefore, Master Sik shall wear some…. bangs? (Please tell me it’s a wig!)

Striking blue and black color block jacket with a blue knit pullover.


Once again the classy dandy bangs style is in, only they pull them back. The ambiance revives mysterious calm feeling, which is a piece of cake for Master Sik since he looks mysterious and calm as always ^^

Givenchy’s graphic floral print shirt and pants by Riccardo Tisci.


Man’s two-block cut is outdated. A classic short cut and irregular bangs will give you more textures. This style will reveal a nice pair of sharp eyes and perfect eyebrows too! No complain.

Yoo Ah In is wearing illustration print t-shirt clad and Prada thin striped pants.


Vivid colors will dominate. Tone down  your hair with dark color for the harmony, then you can wear any colorful outfit without the exaggeration feels. Hmm… perrdy!

Painting sweatshirts from Doir Homme, clad in a black shirt, and black pants.


Modern wild and yet renders neutral image. Wavy disheveled hair texture like this will boast a free atmosphere, as if the wind is blowing your hair, prettily. Or just us stroking his hair gently! *delusions much*

Mustard jacket and shirt from Saint Laurent Paris.

Source: W Korea

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