[PHOTOS & INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In Attends Elegant Lies VIP Movie Premiere

Trailers and interviews have come out for Elegant Lies. But more interviews, photos, videos are coming our way. Check this out as well ^^


Yoo Ah In attended Elegant Lies VIP Movie Premiere at CGV Wangsimni, Seoul, 4th March with all casts~ Kim Hee Ae, Go Ah Sung, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Hyang Gi, and PD Lee Han. Yoo Ah In dressed up like a King Bee and he looks so adorbs! Now let’s take a look at some of the photos out~


credit: Moonai

credit: Limeade

credit: getitk

Complete photos are in our Facebook in ‘Elegant Lies VIP Movie Premiere” album, and more movie photos in here.


Some videos from this event~


StarNews Korea




Now, on the interview prior to Elegant Lies VIP Movie Premiere, Kim Hee Ae once again praised Yoo Ah In and talked a bit about their upcoming drama Secret Love Affair as well.


“I watched Yoo Ah In’s acting for the first time in Wandeugi (Punch). I thought he was a real high school student. I was surprised by his acting. In contrast to Elegant Lies, wherein he plays as a funny neighbor and brings laughter to the audience, Yoo Ah In will make women’s heart so flustered in Secret Love Affair,” she said.


She added, “After our acting together in Elegant Lies, I didn’t expect that he would be in Secret Love Affair too. Lee Soon Jae’s character is attractive. I heard a lot of actors went for the casting. The role needs an actor who can ooze pure masculinity and sexy yet intelligent young man at the same time, so no wonder he was the one getting picked eventually. I think Yoo Ah In can pull this character off. He has a tremendous focus on acting. He works hard at his piano practice as well.”


Nice~ My heart is ready to get simultaneously flustered by both ‘Elegant Lies’ and ‘Secret Love Affair’!


Elegant Lies premieres 13th March.


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Source: News1, Mydaily


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