[PHOTOS & INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In is An Innocent Young Boy for High Cut [part 1]

Have we told you lately that Yoo Ah In is aging backward? Tell you once again, he IS aging backward.


Yoo Ah In did another fashion photo shoot for HIGH CUT Vol.121 March 2014 edition, where they took on the theme of ‘Melo Ah In’ with his emotional and sensual charms.


The theme relates to his upcoming jTBC Mon-Tue drama ‘Secret Love Affair’ which premieres on March 17th, where he will have a younger man–older woman relationship with Kim Hee Ae, with whom he has a 19 year age gap in real life.


In this black and white photo shoot, Yoo Ah In turned into an innocent soulful pianist, as he wore a white shirt, and even laid down on a grand piano. I’m sure the short shorts are to emphasize his ridiculously boyish look and to flaunt his sexy thighs! Check out the first 4 pictorials released on HIGH CUT official website~

Just. Gorgeous. Nuff said.

PS: those luscious lips!!


After the photo shoot, Yoo Ah In was interviewed about his projects Secret Love Affair and Elegant Lies.


“In my previous works, I pretended acting as a twenty years old adult and it was really easy. Pure, sensible and uncommon twenty years old character is something that I’d like to have now. I used to play a brutal fighter, or someone carrying shovel and fishes. Therefore the artistic character that I’m playing now seems to relieve the thirst.”


Yoo Ah In says he already read “Tokyo Tower”, the original novel that is brought into the small screen as Secret Love Affair. When asked if the heroine that he imagines in the novel resembles Kim Hee Ae in this drama, he says, “Completely. She really seems to just a cutout of it. The image and the voice [of the heroine] are exactly the same as what I think about Kim Hee Ae sunbae nim.”


He also says that he doesn’t feel the generation gap at all with Kim Hee Ae. “She’s the best actress that I’ve ever worked with,” says Yoo Ah In.


Meanwhile in Elegant Lies, Yoo Ah In surprises everyone with his total transformation.  Yoo Ah In says he likes the character very much and doesn’t mind to play this kind of unique cameo again anytime.


HIGH CUT will release the complete pictorials  via iPad/iPhone on 11th March. So, expect for more pretty Sik with videos, screencaps, and complete interview soon in part 2!


Translated by Admin007/Sikseekland

© Yoo Ah In Sikseekland International Fans Community


5 Responses to “[PHOTOS & INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In is An Innocent Young Boy for High Cut [part 1]”
  1. Laura says:

    Oh myyyyyy!!! So pretty!!!

  2. Angela says:

    Hello, I’m a administrator in YAITW, Would you mind if we translate this interview in to Chinese and post it on our website? We will also put this website as source. Hope you can reply us. Thank you.

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