[FAN’S REVIEW] ‘Tough As Iron’ A Heartfelt Story in Busan City

Warning: Contains spoilers

Kkang Chulie (Tough as Iron) Movie Review

by gabbiepink


Since this is my first ever movie review written publicly I have to admit I am a bit nervous but I will definitely do my best and satisfy your need of curiosity regarding our beloved Master Sik’s yet another masterpiece.

Kkangchulie, or better known by its English title Tough As Iron, is a drama/action with the slightest touch of romance movie that is best watched with friends. It focuses on the rather tough existence of the main character Kkangchul (Yoo Ah In) who has to deal with a series of unfortunate events but who decides, despite of it, to take his life day by day.

What surprised me the most at first was the dialect~ since the plot takes place in Busan the language is not your standard Korean but a whole different level of language. So, extra points for him on this rather difficult task he brilliantly delivered.

As a hardworking man on the docks of Busan, he has to take care of his mom (played by Kim Hae Sook) who suffers from dementia and often mistakes him for his deceased father. The relationship between them as difficult as may seem, since she almost never remembers who Kkangchulie is, is absolutely touching and heartwarming and even tearful.


At some point in the movie there is such a touching scene where for a split-second (or more.. eheh) his mom has a momentarily set back into one specific moment where Kkang Chul was a school boy (so back a few good years) and she was preparing his lunch box and sending him off to kindergarten. Kkang Chul, realizing his mom is back in the past, starts ‘playing her game’ and getting ready to go off, but ends tearing up. That scene moved me to tears, seeing how they both hug and shed tears together was just one of the high points on the movie for me.

Also there is a teensy tiny bit of romance in the movie, though the story is not fully developed, between KKang Chul and a Seoul photographer Suji (played by his long time friend Jung Yoo Mi) who eventually at the end, with whom, after settling his life duties towards his mom, leave Kkang Chul’s hometown in Busan and travel together, towards a new fresh start.


One of the messages that the producer wants to send across through this movie, I think, is no matter how hard life gets, you have to do whatever it takes to stick by your family and help them in times of need.

Too many spoilers? Hope not. But I definitely recommend this movie. It’s a must watch especially if you are Yoo Ah In’s fan. His character so chameleonesque shines through once more, by being able to convey so many emotions in one person. Kkang Chul.Β 

Photos: CJES Entertainment

7 Responses to “[FAN’S REVIEW] ‘Tough As Iron’ A Heartfelt Story in Busan City”
  1. Mariana says:

    Thanks for the review~ I’m so eager to see it

  2. Furbabe says:

    Enjoyed reading this. Thank YOO Gabbie! xoxo

  3. Sarra Agoubi says:

    I really want to watch this film but there is no way possible of watching it can somebody help me????!!!!!! it does not air on cinema here where i live please somebody send me a link or something with eng sub!!!!!!

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