Yoo Ah In Gives Up Police Promotional Team Enlistment, Agency Speaks Up

Following the news on Yoo Ah In auditioned for Seoul Police Special Promotional Unit, Yoo Ah In’s agency, UAA, released quite a strong statement today in defense of their actor. I totally get why.

Here’s the story. On Feb 17, it was revealed that out all those who had auditioned to enlist as conscripted policemen, only eight people were selected as part of the 47th Seoul Police Special Promotional Unit, including Yoo Ah In. Although he had yet to pass the final examination this March, this early news has sparked a big controversy among netizens, and they started verbal-attacking and made malicious comments about him online.

Yoo Ah In had been holding back his feeling and staying put for long, but he finally exploded on twitter, March 6, by calling out the “faceless keyboard warriors”. He also posted the link to “Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” again. I can see that although he was trying to show that he didn’t care, he actually hurt much. (Complete translations on his tweets will come soon)

On March 17, news outlets reported that Yoo Ah In failed the final round of examinations, however it has been clarified by his agency that he decided not to take those examinations in the first place.

Yoo Ah In ’s agency, UAA, has stated today, that he has given up on enlisting in the Seoul Police Promotional Team because he was deeply stressed and worried over the recent controversy regarding celebrities in the military, and decided to give up the possible position as a conscripted policeman.

UAA stated in a press release, “Much unnecessary backlash and misunderstandings have followed, after news of many celebrities including our artist, Yoo Ah In, had applied to enlist in the Police Promotional Team. Many members of the public felt that the Police Promotional Team was similar to that of the PR agency system that had caused an uproar in the army last year, and was subsequently abolished.

“Yoo Ah In has over 10 years of performing experience, and it was really suitable for him to use that to fulfil his national service. So we submitted the application in a legal manner. The Police Promotional Team is currently being served by many celebrities, and we had decided to submit an application for Yoo Ah In to go there right from the beginning.

“But the recent uproar over this has left Yoo Ah In under an immense amount of stress. So he has decided to give up on enlisting in the Police Promotional Team. Our agency and the police have decided to respect the decision that he has taken.”

UAA also stated, “Although preferential treatment is unfair, but Yoo Ah In is only trying to use his own speciality to fulfil his national service. There are medical service teams and bands within the army now, so what’s important here is how much effort they exert to put their talents to use.

“We do understand that the public now has a sensitive view towards celebrities heading into the army, due to a small number of them who caused problems while they were doing their service. But we really hope that we can have trust and support, and not endless suspicions.” 

The agency also wishes netizens to respect Yoo Ah In as much as he and his company respect their views. 

Lee Jae Hoon, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Dong Wook, are among numerous celebrities who recently enlisted in the Police Promotional Team. Yoo Ah In, and other celebrities recently submitted their applications to enlist in the Police Promotional Team for this year. But the PR agency system and its subsequent abolishment, has left to much misunderstanding among the public of celebrities.

Now that the enlistment plan changed, it’s likely that Yoo Ah In will take full military service and serve as a regular soldier. But so far his company hasn’t made any decision yet on that matter.

At the moment Yoo Ah In is busy shooting jTBC drama Secret Love Affair, wich premieres this Monday, and just started filming his movie Veteran since last Sunday.

I’m sure the keyboard warriors are happy now *inserts cynical remarks* Anyways, whatever decision Master Sik makes, I’m not here to judge, and I have no rights to judge. Let’s wish him all the best and support him all the way, SIKseekers! 

Source: Yang Ji Won @KpopFighting and SportsChosun 

6 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Gives Up Police Promotional Team Enlistment, Agency Speaks Up”
  1. cecile lumer says:

    You are right. We have no right to judge YAI or anyone else. It is very seldom that we know all the facts regarding any decision anyone makes.

  2. fandomscape says:

    Hello~ Thank you for the translation, which clarifies a lot of things for me. Do you mind me reblogging this entry since I want to write something about it?

  3. Laura says:

    Poor master sik got stress out becoz of netizens comments…wish he could just close his ears/eyes, but no he’s still a sensitive boy we use to know 😥 It’s so unfair that celebrities like Song Jung Ki got to serve in an entertainment unit now and even performed in Beijing yesterday, but no one gives it a sentiment like this. Wrong timing for celebs who wanna join the special unit this time.

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