Yoo Ah In Instagram Update 2014.03.04~2014.03.20 & Translations: The Joker is On!

It had been a crazy hectic month for Master Sik with the ups and downs of roller coaster emotions, especially due to the military service issue that surrounded him (read here). But thank Heaven it’s over now, along with his withdrawal from Seoul Police Promotional Team test and the rapid popularity of drama Secret Love Affair.


Yoo Ah In has eloquently shared his thought on that via twitter. At first I and some media outlets thought he lashed his anger out towards these “keyboar-warriors”, but just after we got the complete translations done by our K-translator Little Birdie, we realized that Yoo Ah In faced them cool-headedly with a sense of humor, which goes to show that he is a mature person. Let’s take a look at his instagram and twitter updates (which automatically his Facebook updates too).


First, here are Yoo Ah In’s twitter/instagram update and translations on 4th and 6th March respectively~


In the morning of March 4, Yoo Ah In posted a photo of sunrise from his car window. It seems the early bird was on his way for work.



He retweeted someone who wrote a meaningful poem for him as well in the evening. Here’s the translation~


And then on March 6, he called out the “keyboard-warriors” who had been bad-mouthing him due to the police promotional team enlistment issue. Smart words and cute icon ensued~


And then he wittily replied someone’s cynical remark about his tweets~ I LOL.


In his next tweet, Yoo Ah In explained why he couldn’t stay put and needed to react on the words they’ve thrown on him because it made him relieved after that~


Then Yoo Ah In retweeted someone who showed her/his support for him by quoting French Novelist Martin Page’s “A Perfect Day”~


And he finished his tweets of that day by, once again, giving the link to a video page of “Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”. The closing message? Don’t lose your humor, folks! 😀


Seems that his sarcastic humor hasn’t abated yet a couple days later. On March 8, Master Sik posted a photo of Shia Labeouf’s eccentric act on the 2014 Berlin International Film Festival red carpet. Shia Labeouf arrived with “I’m Not Famous Anymore” paper bag over his head. Yoo Ah In liked it very much that he commented on this photo with “Good”. The Hangeul hashtag says #ShiaLabeouf. Well, you’re still famous with or without the paper bag, Master Sik. 


On the 13th of March, he showed up again on twitter. This time he posted a link to Secret Love Affair 20 minutes highlight video, and did the countdown to the premiere day of the drama with his favorite cute little monkey icon. Heee!

He said, “Secret Love Affair 20 minutes Highlight [insert the monkey icon and Youtube link]. O-em-gee D-3″.



Totally in a bright mood, our Sik posted three silly selfies of himself inside the car on March 14, commenting each of them with “sound effects” and icons 🙂

He said, “bong bong”, sounding the car machine. He posted this photo on his Facebook too.

And then exclaimed, “Heol heol” or “what the..”, as if he was surprised :p

And the last one, he said, “Hark hark”, sounding his own laughter. LOL kiddo!

Oddly enough, later he deleted two selfies, leaving only the “Heol heol” the next day on instagram. Perhaps he just realized how silly he was?


The next day, March 15, Yoo Ah In posted his own photo in Facebook and Instagram. The picture was actually first published in 1st Look Magazine on September 2013 (check for complete photos here). This is a powerful and beautiful photo of him. I’m not sure about it, but I figured it could be the day that he decided to give up Seoul police promotional unit test.


On March 18, the day after the first episode of Secret Love Affair, he posted the drama poster both in his Facebook and Instagram, with hashtag #SecretLoveAffair in Hangeul.


And finally on his last update of March, Yoo Ah In emphasized the new importance of using spaces in a sentence! This one is the funniest of all ^^

He said, “You should space words”


Yoo Ah In posted a photo of a book, with a hilarious title on its cover, that could raise one’s eyebrows. Here’s the story~

Many fans already knew about this book but maybe Master Sik just found out about it. The title of the book was written without any spacing as you can see; there’s no space between words. So, depending on where you add the space, the title can be “The Research of Infant Personality Life” or…”The Research  of Yoo Ah In’s Sex Life”, which is downright hilarious! That’s why Yoo Ah In tweeted/said, ” You should space words”. LOL! 😀


So much fun during March, I guess. It’s a relief that no matter how bad or weird thing happens to him, Yoo Ah In is always able to find the sunny side of it. That’s what makes us proud of YOO more. Way to go, Master Sik! Thank you so much Mathed nim and Little Birdie for helping me with the translations^^


8 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Instagram Update 2014.03.04~2014.03.20 & Translations: The Joker is On!”
  1. Baby Beagle says:

    Thank you for sharing and all your hard work,I really nail with it . Ah-in is master mind this why I love him so much.
    Made my today!

  2. Laura says:

    He’s such a big smart dorky! 😀

  3. leena says:

    thaks you writen very interstien i like to all wonderfull

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