Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Ep.1-6 : From Brahms, Clara, Richter, to Cerzny 50


Secret Love Affair reached 5.2% viewerships in By-minute-ratings during the broadcast of the kiss and backhug scene on Episode 5. Ratings also peaked higher to 5.89% on Episode 6, based on AGB Nielsen Korea [Note: 1% ratings in pay tv/terrestrial network is equal to 5% ratings in national public network]. Well, who could resist these?




and this~


Secret Love Affair settles its name as an art house drama that brings up social phenomenons. With its complexity in details and layers, the drama makes so many rooms to discuss and pour feelings. Not to mention the beautiful music, flawless acting and the cinematography. It sets the bar higher for the other dramas. It could be the most talked drama at the moment among the KD lovers and Korean netizens. As for international fans, I’m glad to find that there are good bloggers recapping it.


Here is a list of bloggers who are regularly recapping Secret Love Affair, you might want to check their thoughts and insights out~

1) Jomo and Mrs. Koala are recapping together in Koala’s Playground

2) BetsyHp is recapping in Creating Volumes

3) Dramababble is recapping in a novel style 

4) Dreamingsnowflake is giving recaps, gifs, quotes and more in her tumblr 

5) There are many quotes that we can find in Outside Seoul tumblr as well 🙂 


You can also have some discussions and share thoughts with other Secret Love Affair fans in Soompi Forums


Now, with so many details and layers, it’s hard not to come back and re-watch this drama all over again. And each time we do that, we always find something new that we missed out before. In addition to the beautiful classical music performance, these minor and yer important details go around the story as well:


Tokyo Tower-inspired

We’ve mentioned before, that this drama is a remake of Tokyo Tower. But as the story is progressing, we came to conclusion that it’s actually a Tokyo Tower-inspired. While I see the story has the same premise, it goes in different way and approach, compare to that of the Japanese version. And so far I love it.


Brahms and Clara love story-inspired

We’ve also mentioned about the love story between Oh Hye Won and Lee Seon Jae that might follow the Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms’ sizzling mess affair. And I just found out that in one of her interviews, the writer of Secret Love Affair once wrote a script about Clara Schumann’s life. The script may not be brought into a drama, but she seems to apply it in Secret Love Affair story. Both Oh Hye Won and Clara have similar traits; tough, loveable, smart and talented woman. Clara is Brahms’ muse. Oh Hye Won is Lee Seon Jae’s muse.




On episode 3, Hye Won sent Seon Jae a book as a present. The book is titled “Sviatoslav Richter Notebooks And Conversations” by Bruno Monsaingeon. Sviatoslav Richter was a Soviet pianist well-known for the depth of his interpretations, virtuoso technique, and vast repertoire. He is widely considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. Just like Richter, Lee Seon Jae is a genius pianist who has his own depth interpretations in music and effortless technique. Both of them were self-taught and excellent sight-reader since early age. They both are also teacher’s genius pupil, for whom he had been waiting all his life.



Real musicians-turn-actors

Professor Jo In Seo is played by Park Jong Hoon. He’s a famous pianist, composer, producer and a DJ in Korea. Shin Ji Ho and Jin Bora are real pianists. Shin Ji Ho (plays as Minwoo, Professor Jo’s protege) is a composer, pop pianist and contestant on a talent show Star King. Jin Bora (plays as snobbish Jung Yura) is a composer, jazz pianist, and a student in Berklee College of Music. Even though this is their first acting in a drama ever, they are surprisingly good, natural, and not some cringe-worthy.



Online chat

The drama brought Korean’s online chatting habit into the screen wittily. The online chat between “Genius” (Lee Seon Jae’s ID) and “Ignorant Ears Hyung” (Oh Hye Won’s ID) in episode 3 became the favorite scene among K-netizens because of the hilarious blunt love confession of infatuated Seon Jae. Not to mention, it happens in “DC Classic Gallery”. Daum Cafe (DC) Gallery is widely known among Korean netizens as their place to chat about their faves and one umbrella for the vast discussion forums.



Rundown one-room apartment

This is also one of the elements that makes this drama close to the local audience. The shabby stuffy rundown one-room apartment with laundry hanging everywhere, mouse trap and plastered floor. It gives the feeling that Lee Seon Jae does live there most of his life instead of the decoration team having their hands on it. Netizens commented such as, hey it looks like a familiar place around our poor neighborhood. I think we’ve all seen this kind of room too.


They’re just a few of realistic touch we find in this drama. They talk over the phone with the cellphones that are turned ON for real, the use of Cerzny 50 Little Study phrase [50 Practice Pieces for Beginners: A collection of basic studies for beginning to intermediate players. Most of the etudes are shorter than a page], the buzz sound of the computer when Seon Jae is re-connecting it up, and more. And isn’t it a big relief that for the first time a 40 years old K-dramaland woman acts as a 40 years old woman, and a 20 years old K-drama man acts as a 20 years old man for real? 


Small details when done right, will make huge impact. What other small things do you find fascinating in this drama, folks?


Screencaps borrowed from: DC, JTBC

8 Responses to “Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Ep.1-6 : From Brahms, Clara, Richter, to Cerzny 50”
  1. Baby Beagle says:

    Bravo!!!! High rating! the coming week’s will be higher and higher!
    I am looking forward to watching Yoo Ah-in take the stage and play another master piece Liszt’s Rhapsodie Espagnole.
    Thank you for these wonderful new posts and your awesome job! I deeply enjoyed……

    • Furbabe says:

      I’m looking forward to YAI playing Liszt’s too. It must be another fun challenge for him to learn the complex music scores. Thank you for dropping by, Baby 🙂

  2. TellIt says:

    Thank you so much for putting all this information together! I do love knowing what the Korean audience is thinking. We have some great places to discuss how the international people are reacting but not the Korean public which is the audience this drama was made for.

    • Furbabe says:

      My pleasure, TellIt. This drama is quite the talk of the town in Korea right now. News about certain celebrities watching this show, or it being discussed on other TV channels (news/talkshow/variety segments) frequently popped up in Naver and Daum sites (sort of Korean’s google). There are some forums in DC (Daum Cafe) too that are discussing SLA at the moment 🙂

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