[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is Sunshine in Lafuma Rhythm Walking Event

In the middle of the drama shooting, Yoo Ah In together with actress Go Joon Hee, attended the Lafuma ‘Rhythm Walking’ Event, as they are the spoke persons of the French sport fashion brand.

The event was held on Sunday morning, 6th April, in Jangchung-dong National Theater, Seoul with around 3,000 participants.

Looking bright and shinny in the early sunny spring, Yoo Ah In showed his support to the participants and held a fan signing event as well. He looked happy and smiled a lot, and even took the chance to take a photo with little girls he met on the street. Of course, his die-hard lips-biting and tongue-out habits are captured by the cameras too :p


TVDaily video report~


Here are some of the best photos from Lafuma Rhythm Walking and the Fansigning Event~


From Moonai nim


From Kein nim


From Limeade nim


From DC (Toosil & Oremong)


From Lafuma Facebook

From various media


Cuteness overloads! Check complete photos in our Facebook Album HERE


One Response to “[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is Sunshine in Lafuma Rhythm Walking Event”
  1. Baby Beagle says:

    Orange color all over the place,love it! I was happy to see his sunny cute face,love everything about him!!!!

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