Ainie Annyeong~ Yoo Ah In Returns to Running Man This Spring!


Woot woot! The absolute Uhm Chef returns to Running Man! I’m surprised that our Master Sik will come back to the variety show program sooner than I expected. Not that we don’t mind (we jumped in joy) because this is absolutely awesome!


Yoo Ah In showed viewers his animated, adorable, cutesy fluffy man-child in his first ever variety show Running Man Episode 164 Chuseok Special, September last year (check the article/report HERE). And just recently this week news have spread, that he was spotted shooting with Team Running Man again in Yonsei Cancer Hospital on April 8th.


According to the hospital officials, Team Running Man was filming from 11 AM to midnight privately in Yonsei Cancer Hospital, known as the national cancer hospital. This episode aims to promote the cancer awareness and the architectural beauty of Yonsei University Medical Center to people.


They probably didn’t want to make much noise that would disturb patients. (Or perhaps they wanted to make a big surprise to the patients, no?) The mission should be for a good cause, and might suit Yoo Ah In, who has a special attention to the cancer issue. As reported by the media early last year, he made donations to a leukemia foundation for children.


Officials also said, the guest celebrities who were shooting together in the hospital with the regular Running Man team were actor Lee Jung Jae, EXO Baek Hyun and singer Sung Si Kyung.


After “putting Dae Jang Geum to shame” on his first ever variety show, will he surprise us once again with another hidden talent and candid remarks?


Running Man’s Yonsei Hospital episode plans to broadcast on 27th April 2014. Ain-ie Annyeong!


Check Yoo Ah In Running Man Episode 164 pictures in our ‘Running Man Variety Show’ 2013 Album


Source: byki70, docdocdoc

22 Responses to “Ainie Annyeong~ Yoo Ah In Returns to Running Man This Spring!”
  1. OH MY GOD! LIKE SERIOUSLY? I SCREAMED IN JOY when I read your post in my inbox. I really really enjoy the Running Man 164 with Yoo Ah In. He is so playful I never thought he has a witty quite dark side (which make him more beautiful) that made him so different amongst other entertainers. And ehrrmahgerd he cook so well. What else can I say? I then realized he is the one in Punch, a Korean movie that I really really like. After Punch and RM, I search about him and realize how great he is and how he is so talented, unique, honest about what he is, smart, and so different in a really good way. Not to mention his handsome face. Hhh I am sorry for the long rambling comment. Must be so happy he return to the show this soon (I thought he will never come back) And looking forward to watch this soon.

  2. viluven says:

    Noted!!!!! Must watch

  3. mpc226 says:

    Ommo!! Can”t wait……April 27, pls come quicker!

  4. Baby Beagle says:

    Thank you again to share this great great news! Even right now the school schedule is getting tight,but I always have time for YAI,he has me in the palm of his hand! what can I say,HA! HA!

  5. queenbelle85 says:

    Waaah must watch…

  6. BlackTulip says:

    oh can not wait to watch this, but do you know when this episode will be air?

  7. kenn says:

    When will this episode be out?

  8. Jay says:

    this episode was pending or cancelled..

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