Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Episode 7-8: From Poetic Bed Scene to Yoo Ah In The New Oppa

The “aftermath”~ (cr: DC)


Secret Love Affair continues being a brilliant and well-executed show with consistency in iconic directing that helmed by PD Ahn Pan Seok. The drama shows strong commitment to keep its bar high. The method acting, fun solid story-line, the classical music, and exquisite movie-like pictures all blend beautifully, have kept viewers sticking to the show. This week’s ratings marked the highest record as it reached 6% for big cities and 4% for the national viewerships. [Note: 1% ratings in cable network is equal to 5% in national TV, therefore this drama is considered as having high ratings]


Apart from the numbers, Secret Love Affair popularity is shown by the parody made by other networks (tvN’s SNL Korea), the KakaoTalk emoticons parody (click here), and the high numbers of visitors on the Secret Love Affair “Classic Jukebox” and music tutorial page provided in JTBC official website. In addition to that, some celebrities, movie makers and even a politician are showing the symptom of “Secret Love Affair fever” as well.


Singer Yoon Jong Shin, After School UEE, Nine Muses Erin, CEO of REALies Pictures and producer of blockbuster movie ‘Masquerade” Won Dong Yeon, film critic Sim Yeong Seob, and film director Byeon Young Ju showed their affection to this drama through SNS. Director Byeon Young Ju in particular, said on twitter, that Secret Love Affair breaks the Korean dramaland stereotype and shows an outstanding mature story.


Chairman of Korea Communications, Choe Seong Jun, and Senator Choe Min Hee from Democratic Union Party, both agreed that Secret Love Affair is another example of popularity being a good show which is on par with the major network MBC’s Empress Ki. Choe Seong Jun added that the good method acting from the actors have drawn viewers’ strong feeling of sympathy, in addition to Ahn Pan Seok’s excellent directing and writer Jeong Seong Ju’s sophisticated storytelling.


One of the breakthrough scenes in Korean dramas is introduced by Secret Love Affair through the bed scene/love-making scene. It’s become the talk of the town for being a “fresh surprise”. Well, I was surprised too~ in a good way!


credit: iloveporkandbeans tumblr


On episode 8, Yoo Ah In (Lee Seon Jae) and Kim Hee Ae (Oh Hye Won) spend their first intimate night together. Instead of showing the actual bed scene, the camera wanders and pans over Seon Jae’s humble room, picking up furniture and stuff montage including their shoes. The viewers can only listen to the delicate auditory made by Lee Seon Jae and Oh Hye Won’s low voice over the gentle music, while they’re doing their deeds and having their intimate conversation. By only listening to the sounds, the drama leaves us viewers to create our own wild and free imagination. This scene is utterly delicate and beautifully drawn, it develops a warm loving feel that tingles body and mind.


Netizens reacted to this new bed scene style as “Fresh surprise!”, “I won’t be able to sleep today”, “Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae’s bed scene is the best directed bed scene ever!”, “It’s so beautiful”, and many more.


More comments from Netizenbuzz

1. A drama I’m keeping an eye on..

2. Excellent direction. Daebak.

3. For a drama centered around a topic as sensitive as ethics, I applaud the producers for expressing a topic that can be uncomfortable in such a poetic way that really pulls at the viewer’s emotions.

4. A sensible bed scene with excellent direction. There are times where I forget that they are indeed in a secret love affair ㅎㅎ

5. I thought that their relationship might’ve been portrayed in a more beautiful manner had they not gotten physical but the bed scene was rather beautiful on its own.

6. A drama that feels like I’m reading a novel at a slow pace.

8. I feel bad for Sunjae and Hyewon……

9. Amazing drama. I’m glad I’m able to watch such an amazing drama. A poetic bed scene… what an accurate expression.


what a metaphor!


For being so implicit, the love-making scene became a debate among the viewers as well. It’s like pulling the petals off~ some said they did and some said they didn’t make love. However, Secret Love Affair staff wiped the doubt out by making a statement on twitter right after the episode ended. @fivecard5 tweeted,

“To the people who think, ‘Now that Sun Jae and Hye Won have slept together, it will only go down from here’: that is only evidence that you don’t know Writer Jung Sung Joo. Next time there will be more faint-worthy incidents happening. More than you expect. #SecretLoveAffair #IveReadTheScriptForEpisode9”


English translations by cecilia of soompi in SLA thread. She also explained that “go down from here” was a literal translation. What he meant was, that people might think that there will be no more such scenes. This person is saying, if you think that this is the end of these scenes, then you don’t really know Writer Jung Sung Joo (ie. if you knew her, you know she won’t stop here). Next week there will be more faintworthy scenes. More than you will expect. Thanks for the further explanation, Cecilia. I’ll keep my eyes wide open from now on.


I say this is the most erotic and sexiest love-making scene I’ve ever seen in a drama. I’ve never thought before that seeing eating utensils, kettle and sink could make heart beat faster 😀


Maria João Pires in Lee Seon Jae’s music text book (cr: DC)


In the same subtle scene too, Lee Seon Jae praises Oh Hye Won by picking world’s renown pianist Maria-João Pires and tell her that she’ll age gracefully. Aww… According to the Penguin Guide: “Maria João Pires is a stylist and a fine Mozartian. She is always refined yet never wanting in classical feeling, and she has a vital imagination. She strikes an ideal balance between poise and expressive sensibility, conveying a sense of spontaneity in everything she does”. Such a big compliment from Lee Seon Jae to Oh Hye Won. After all, both women have the same traits.


This drama grabs China’s attention as well, and Yoo Ah In got a new name. According to wikitree, Secret Love Affair draws massive audience in China, and seems likely to be another mega-hit following My Love From The Star. The drama draws 22 million views and still counting. One can already see its popularity from the captured image below of China’s premier website It features Secret Love Affair front and center on its main page. Not only that, on the right side, there is a news article introducing the new drama, while on the left side of the page, the drama is featured again as the hit show to take the mantle from My Love from the Star.



As of 2 p.m. April 7, there were 22,390,000 downloads for this Korean affair, making it one of the most popular Hallyuwood offerings in recent memory. It is accruing about 30,000 new views each hour. Meanwhile, Star News reported that SohuTV, the biggest online televisions in China, live broadcasts Secret Love Affair every week. According to the website, the Video On Demand (VOD) hit 22,471,167 total views as of 3 p.m. April 7. When Secret Love Affair aired on the spot time last week, the show climbed to rank #13 among all TV shows airing on the same day. This drama is also the most played Korean drama video in China.


Earlier this month, China’s Xinhua News reported on Yoo Ah In, who plays the male lead role of Lee Seon Jae, as the new face of Hallyuwood. The title of that report had read, “Yoo Ah In, the rising star with real acting talent.” Specifically, the article referred to Yoo Ah In as “the new oppa (新歐巴)”, meaning the new hot male actor. Chinese netizens commented, “Yoo Ah In has a perfect face and body as well as acting,” “This is the best show I’ve ever seen”, “It’s amazing that Kim Hee Ae is 48 years old and yet she looks extremely young”.


Oh well, her figure is to die for. And I’d love to own this New Oppa any day. Give him to me! 😀

credit: DC

For more screencaps/pictures, please go here.


© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

Source: Osen, Wikitree, Star, Hankooki


8 Responses to “Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Episode 7-8: From Poetic Bed Scene to Yoo Ah In The New Oppa”
  1. queenbelle85 says:

    Waaahhh 대박… I knew it…Yoo Ah In. I love him since he was a crazy horse in sunkyunkwan and now he is the “new oppa”. Congratulations!!!

  2. startulle says:

    I just don’t understand why some of my friends thinks SLA is boring! Lol….to me it’s so intoxicating and powerful drama till now!

    • Mariana says:

      It’s not a drama for everyone 😀 So many things to analyze! For the first time it’s a drama that sees viewers as smart people. I hope this show will stay awesome till the end!

  3. Laura says:

    After watching this drama, other KDs look pale to me. SLA trully sets the bar higher.

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