Secret Love Affair Jukebox Part 4: The Scores Yoo Ah In Plays on Episode 9-10


Our little enjoyment of classic music part 4 is back, with the genius Lee Seon Jae (Yoo Ah In), who finally gives his first piano concerto accompanied by an orchestra.


The purpose of this concerto is to record Lee Seon Jae’s performance and send it to the Bussoni Piano Competition Preliminary Selections. Normally, the Bussoni preliminary selection phase takes place sometimes around August every year, and the jury will choose the 24 candidates who will enter the final round the following year.


The concerto takes place in Incheon Arts & Cultural Center. Secret Love Affair films most of the episodes in this place as well. In his first concerto, Yoo Ah In is accompanied by Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra. Once again, Yoo Ah In does not use stand-in or substitute actor. He did fingering all the black and white keys after the scores for real. The result: utterly beautiful and sexy!



Just like the previous episode, Yoo Ah In plays Rachmaninoff Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini, because it’s the piece that Lee Seon Jae chooses to play in his concerto. Besides, this score is written for solo piano and symphony orchestra, closely resembling a piano concerto.


For the Encore Performance, he plays Brahms Six Pieces for Piano, Op.118 Intermezzo No.2, as Lee Seon Jae’s “love letter” to Oh Hye Won. Interestingly, The Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 118, are some of the most beloved items that Johannes Brahms wrote for, and dedicated to Clara Schumann, whom both had almost similar love story as Lee Seon Jae and Oh Hye Won does (click our article about it here).   Let’s check on the videos~


1) Rachmaninoff Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini

2) Brahms Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 118 No. 2. Intermezzo in A major. Andante Teneramente

In this scene, Yoo Ah In plays both pieces in preparing for orchestra collaboration

Rachmaninoff Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini Op. 43

This is an orchestra practice scene with Kim Hee (Oh Hye Won)

Rachmaninoff Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini Op. 43 with Incheon Philharmonic Orchestra

In this 5 minute-length piano concerto, Yoo Ah In plays five out of 24 Variations:

Introduction: Allegro vivace

Variation 2: L’istesso tempo

Variation 13: Allegro (D minor)

Variation 14: L’istesso tempo (F major)

Variation 18: Andante cantabile (D flat major)

Variation 24: A tempo un poco meno mosso

A mind-blowing performance! Bravoooo!!

Brahms Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 118 No. 2. Intermezzo in A major. Andante Teneramente

This is Lee Seon Jae’s Encore Performance scene

Looking forward to more fantastic piano playing from Master Sik in the future episodes of Secret Love Affair 🙂

Source: JTBC, wikipedia

11 Responses to “Secret Love Affair Jukebox Part 4: The Scores Yoo Ah In Plays on Episode 9-10”
  1. Laura says:

    Daebakkk! Bravoooo!

  2. startulle says:

    He is really amazing artist!!!!

  3. Estrella Brillante says:

    GOT to LOVE IT

  4. RENATA says:

    My heart goes dugun dugun everytime I rerun ep.10!!!! Hooomygoooossshhhhh! UBER FANTASTIC!

  5. kimchiflavoredplot says:

    Thanks for this jukebox! 🙂 I know this is a long shot, but still… does anyone know the title of the background music in episode 9 when they arrived in his home and he kissed her? They’ve used the same background music before (mostly when the two leads are sharing a lovely moment)–and I was wondering if anyone knew the title of this sweet piece of music. 🙂

    • Furbabe says:

      Was it the same BGM as the scene when Seon Jae played for Hae Won while she was lying on his bed at the end of episode 8? If so, it’s the OST of the drama itself, but unfortunately I don’t know the title yet. I just know that all the OST (minus the classical music scores) are arranged/composed by SLA Music Director Lee Nam Yeon.

      • kimchiflavoredplot says:

        *watches the last part of ep8* OMG, yes it’s the same BGM! 🙂 (if not, a variation of the same piece–or different parts of the same composition) Wow, I have to give the Music Director some props… that OST is one of my favorites from the show. It melts my heart every time it plays in the background. Now I have one more reason to watch out for the official soundtrack to be released (or is the OST out already? I’m not sure, hee hee.)

        Thank you for your feedback about this mysterious BGM! I really appreciate it. *hug*
        More power…

        • Furbabe says:

          You’re most welcome, kimchi 🙂 One of the strong points in this drama is absolutely the music because music is HW & SJ’s bond anyway^^ SLA team must be doing this show passionately because each music piece just gets us right through our heart ♥ ~As for the OST itself, they already released the classical music OST on Naver. I guess we have to wait patiently for Lee Nam Yeon’s part. *bigbearhugs* 😀

  6. Virgie JB says:

    Been browsing for any video of the scores from SLA. Love the classicals in this drama, and the actors-actresses are very good! Thank you Jukebox for capturing the scores. Two thumbs-up!! 감사합니다 ^~

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